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// Have this file include/do anything to set up your php codebase environment.
// Expect it to run from the top of your repo, where you should start phpsh
// from (or add top-of-repo-finding logic here, etc). Run ctags from the top
// of your repo periodically too, to get the benefits of phpsh ctags
// integration.
// You may make use of the string $___phpsh___codebase_mode which may be
// specified on phpsh startup via -c. The string is '' by default.
// E_ALL catches certain coding errors and we recommend it. Comment this out
// if it produces too many warnings you don't have time to fix.
// You could also try moving it to the bottom of this file, after you load your
// codebase libraries, to have fewer pre-existing warnings show up, but still
// get added safety in phpsh.
switch ($___phpsh___codebase_mode) {
case '':
// Put default library includes here.
//require_once 'relative-path-from-repo-head/lib/codebase_include.php';
case 'none':
// Vanilla php
// Put any custom codebase modes here, e.g.:
//case 'core':
// // Would only load 'core' library includes here, perhaps for faster startup
// // in a very large codebase.
fwrite(STDERR, 'Unknown codebase mode '.$___phpsh___codebase_mode."\n");