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UndefinedFunctionCheck; $_ set even on null; style overhaul

Summary: i should have separated these but i didn't, deal-with-it

UndefinedFunctionCheck has been requested for some time now.

for $_ on null: this behavior seemed wrong:
php> =$a=4
php> =$b=null
php> =$_
but note that now we have:
php> =$a=4
php> echo 'hi'
php> =$_
i think this is the better trade-off.  no one in their right mind
uses $_ anyway but it's less kooky and more elegant now anyway.

Reviewed By: marcel

Test Plan:
php> =strleng()
Not executing input: Possible call to undefined function strleng()
See /etc/phpsh/config.sample to disable UndefinedFunctionCheck.

but old behavior if ~/.phpsh/config with
UndefinedFunctionCheck: yes
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Daniel Corson
Daniel Corson committed Dec 2, 2009
1 parent 7d5e8df commit 0fd49c3ee16e00d967c1c42e8015761334e15492
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