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Welcome to the Facebook Platform!
You can just grab the libraries out of the client/ directory and start building
your own application. It will probably be instructive, though, to first get
our sample application up and running so you can see exactly how the library is
meant to be used.
We've created an application called Footprints that utilizes a lot of Platform
functionality while remaining fairly simple. If you don't want to set it all
up you can still check out the code and see it in action by going to
To get Footprints running on your own server, you'll want to first open up the
"footprints/config.php" file and modify it with your mysql database
configuration. Also, create the necessary table in your database as described
in the same file.
Next, go to, where you'll
register for an application. In the account creation page, set up your
callback URL such that it is the directory on your web server that corresponds
to the footprints/ directory of this package (if you loaded the callback URL
directly, it would display this package's index.php). In the same page, you
may also want to register for a framed page URL. You can also set up some
default FBML - ours is set as follows:
<fb:if-is-own-profile><br />Hi <fb:name uid="profileowner"
firstnameonly="true" useyou="false"/>! This is the default FBML as specified
in Footprints' account configuration page. This will get replaced the first
time you get stepped on.</fb:if-is-own-profile>
Finally, copy the API key and secret key from the developers account page into
your config.php file. Now go to<your-frame-url>/
and you should have Footprints up and running on your server!
NOTE: If you only have PHP4, we've built a modified version of the client
library to work with that. Use the files inside the php4client directory
instead of client. You'll need to download simplexml44 and extract it into the
php4client/ directory to get it to work - you can get it at: