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fc18dc8 @jverkoey [lint] Add the ability to disable the linter via a flag in the config…
jverkoey authored
1 ;
2 ; This Three20 config file is used by various scripts in the Three20 ecosystem to
3 ; change configuration settings.
4 ;
5 ; NOTICE: This is just a template. Changes to this file will not be noticed by scripts.
6 ; To configure Three20, copy this file and rename it to "config" in the same folder.
7 ;
8 ; This file represents the assumed "defaults" when the config file does not exist.
9 ;
11 ; The Three20 lint tool validates source code for the Three20 style guidelines to ensure a
12 ; consistent style across the code base.
13 [lint]
15 ; By default, Three20 will run the linter on all Three20 projects. If you are hacking on
16 ; Three20 and don't really care about stylistic consistency, set this to false.
17 enabled_for_projects = true
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