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+Changes since February 1, 2010
+- [NEW] TTTwitter sample app. See the README.mdown file for in-depth details.
+- [NEW] TTXMLParser - A barebones XML parser that takes an XML string and creates an NSObject.
+ Options include support for RSS feeds. See the new TTTwitter sample app for an example.
+- [NEW] TTTableHeaderDragRefreshView, TTTableViewDragRefreshDelegate. These two new objects
+ together implement the "drag-to-refresh" table header seen in other apps on the app
+ store. Thanks to uprise78 for this fix.
+- [NEW] Add support for PUT HTTP methods. Thanks to dima.
+- [FIXED] github#71 navigationBarTintColor and toolbarTintColor issues for TTDefaultSheet
+ and TTWebController.
+- [FIXED] github#148 Add _toolbar.tintColor to TTPhotoViewController.
+- [DOCUMENTATION] TTURLRequestDelegate, TTURLRequest, TTURLRequestQueue, TTWebController,
+ TTYouTubeView, TTTableViewDelegate*.
+- [BUILD] Add a prefix header to Debug and Release builds.
+- [BUILD] Add a new build mode "Debug Dev" for use when hacking on Three20.
+- [BUILD] Reduced include scope of TTDebugFlags.h for faster rebuild times when debugging.
Changes since January 22, 2010
- [NEW] TTURLAction object for TTNavigator.
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