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Owen Yamauchi
Jeff Verkoeyen
+John Wang
@@ -19,13 +19,17 @@ If you would like to ask any questions regarding Three20, please check out any o
* [][]
* [Three20 Mailing List][]
-* [Three20 Scope][]
+* [Three20 Tagged Questions on StackOverflow][]
Adding Three20 to your project
-Three20 is compiled as a static library, and the easiest way to add it to your
-project is to use Xcode's "dependent project" facilities. Here is how:
+Three20 is compiled as static libraries. It use Xcode's "dependent project" facilities.
+There are two methods of adding Three20 to your project.

jwang May 18, 2011


? I don't understand.

+The first is with the [TTModule Python Script][].
+The Second option is to add it to your project manually. Here is how:
**Estimated time:** 5 minutes.
1. Clone the three20 git repository: `git clone git://`. Make sure
@@ -155,7 +159,7 @@ Learn more at [][]
[Facebook iPhone app]:
[Three20 Mailing List]:
-[Three20 Scope]:
+[Three20 Tagged Questions on StackOverflow]:
@@ -165,3 +169,4 @@ Learn more at [][]
+[TTModule Python Script]:

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