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Commits on Jul 9, 2011
  1. @jwang

    Merge pull request #566 from ralfvdz/patch-2

    jwang authored
    Fix URL navigation within modal view controller
  2. @jwang

    Merge pull request #565 from ralfvdz/patch-1

    jwang authored
    Fix tableView backgroundColor
Commits on May 26, 2011
  1. @ralfvdz

    This fixes the problem that URL navigation is not working correctly w…

    ralfvdz authored
    …ithin a modal view, because it could not find the correct controller to navigate in. Modal views appear to be presented from the TTRootViewController, while _rootViewController does not point to the TTRootViewController. This solution checks for a modalViewController on TTRootViewController and uses that controller as root to find the topViewController. This means that when a modal view controller is visible, it will use that controller to navigate in.
  2. @ralfvdz

    UITableView backgroundColor always gray on iPad / SDK 3.2. With SDK 3…

    ralfvdz authored
    ….2 one needs to initialize the backgroundView before setting the backgroundColor. See also:
Commits on Apr 19, 2011
  1. @jverkoey
  2. @jverkoey

    [UINavigator] Allow stacked modal view controllers in popovers.

    jverkoey authored
    If you attempted to display more than one modal view controller in
    a popover before this change, nothing would happen.
Commits on Apr 18, 2011
  1. @jverkoey
  2. @jverkoey
  3. @jverkoey
  4. @jverkoey

    [UI] Use CGRectMake once instead of the view helpers which each set t…

    jverkoey authored
    …he CGRect for the split view controller.
  5. @jverkoey

    [UI] Popup view controller should be displayed if they aren't the sam…

    jverkoey authored
    …e as the one that was just dismissed.
    Before this commit, popup view controllers wouldn't appear if another
    popup view controller was just dismissed.
    After this commit, popup view controllers will appear even if another
    popup view controller was just dismisssed, unless they share the same
    navigator URL path.
  6. @jverkoey

    [UI] Show alert views from buttons and source views as well.

    jverkoey authored
    The iPad may want to display the alert view as a popover, so we need
    to implement the show methods for that particular action path.
  7. @jverkoey

    [UICommon] Remove the UISplitViewController additions.

    jverkoey authored
    These additions were causing issues with our support for iOS 3.0 and co. that didn't
    have any iPad functionality. Since we're moving a way from using UISplitViewControllers
    entirely, we will leave the implementation of these additions up to individual apps.
  8. @jverkoey

    [UI] Use TTOpenURLFromView within styled text labels so that navigati…

    jverkoey authored
    …on is routed to the correct navigator.
  9. @jverkoey

    [UINavigator] Add navigator:presentController:action: method to the T…

    jverkoey authored
    …TNavigatorRootContainer so that the container may implement custom presentation logic.
  10. @jverkoey
  11. @jverkoey
  12. @jverkoey
  13. @jverkoey
  14. @jverkoey
  15. @jverkoey

    [UI] Fire off assertions if the post controller is attempted to be op…

    jverkoey authored
    …ened from anything but a view. Not implemented yet.
  16. @jverkoey

    [UI] Store the source action in the action sheet controller so that i…

    jverkoey authored
    …t can pass along the action information to the selected item.
  17. @jverkoey
  18. @jverkoey
  19. @jverkoey
  20. @jverkoey

    [UINavigator] Add rootViewController method to the TTNavigatorRootCon…

    jverkoey authored
    …tainer delegate and clean up some method names.
  21. @jverkoey
  22. @jverkoey
  23. @jverkoey
  24. @jverkoey
  25. @jverkoey
  26. @jverkoey
  27. @jverkoey
  28. @jverkoey
  29. @jverkoey

    [UI] Implement iPad functionality for the web view controller.

    jverkoey authored
    The web view controller now has a redesigned bottom toolbar that includes
    the URL location and the standard back/forward/action buttons.
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