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Commits on Dec 15, 2010
  1. @jverkoey
  2. @jverkoey

    Update projects.

    jverkoey authored
  3. @jverkoey
  4. @jverkoey


    jverkoey authored
  5. @jverkoey

    [Launcher] Document the module.

    jverkoey authored
    Module [#4].
  6. @jverkoey
  7. @jverkoey

    [Launcher] Add TTLauncherViewController.

    jverkoey authored
    Complete with "Done" button when entering edit mode.
    Module [#4].
  8. @jverkoey

    [Launcher] Animate page changes.

    jverkoey authored
    [#3 state:resolved]
  9. @jverkoey

    [Launcher] Update the number of pages when setting the page control i…

    jverkoey authored
    This is in addendum to [#1].
  10. @jverkoey
  11. @jverkoey
  12. @jverkoey
  13. @jverkoey

    [TTCatalog] Update TTCatalog.

    jverkoey authored
  14. @jverkoey
  15. @jverkoey
  16. @jverkoey
Commits on Nov 8, 2010
  1. @jverkoey
Commits on Nov 7, 2010
  1. @steipete @jverkoey

    Add 2x variants of forwardIcon/backIcon.

    steipete authored jverkoey committed
    Replaced original icons with copies from UIKit.
    Closes #325
  2. @jverkoey
  3. @diederich @jverkoey

    [UI] Flash scroll indicators when table appears.

    diederich authored jverkoey committed
    To avoid double-flashing the scroll indicator, we
    don't flash them in didShowModel if the view is
    currently appearing.
    Closes #324
  4. @jverkoey
  5. @eelco @jverkoey

    [UI] Fix fitting TTScrollView views to the screen.

    eelco authored jverkoey committed
    Also disable double rotation in TTPhotoViewController.
    Closes #154
  6. @holtwick @jverkoey

    [UI] New TTLauncherView delegate 'launcherViewDidEndDragging:'

    holtwick authored jverkoey committed
    Closes #296
Commits on Nov 6, 2010
  1. @jverkoey

    [Core] Add SHA1 support to NSData and NSString.

    Alexander Saltanov authored jverkoey committed
    Tests for NSData and NSString passed.
    Closes #297
  2. @mgc @jverkoey

    [Core] Retain objects in NSArray perform: methods.

    mgc authored jverkoey committed
    Performed copy before enumerating, but didn't account for
    non-retaining delegate arrays. Result was a subtle crash.
    Closes #277
    Closes #276
  3. @jverkoey

    [UI] Fix a memory leak in TTTableHeaderDragRefreshView.

    John Ellis authored jverkoey committed
    Closes #306
  4. @jverkoey

    [UI] self, not super, in the TTScrollView UITouch fixes.

    jverkoey authored
    Related to commit a828546703bb7bb4a5769832243334ec28b1cb8a.
  5. @cemaleker @jverkoey

    [UI] Fixed a bug caused by touchesEnded event not being received.

    cemaleker authored jverkoey committed
    UIKit sometime couldn't deliver messages for UIResponder properly.
    That causes application to crash when application can't receive
    "touches ended" and later tries to reach ended and released UITouch
    object. I implemented proper retaining for UITouch objects. And
    also I implemented an ensure touches method which checks touch
    phases and release them if ended and we couldn't receive ending
    message somehow.
    Solution for the issue discussed here:
    Closes #320
  6. @diederich @jverkoey
  7. @diederich @jverkoey

    [UI] Let TTPageControl redraw itself on bounds changes.

    diederich authored jverkoey committed
    Closes #316
  8. @diederich @jverkoey
  9. @gresrun @jverkoey

    [Core] Unit test for queryContentsUsingEncoding:

    gresrun authored jverkoey committed
  10. @gresrun @jverkoey

    [Core] Create queryContentsUsingEncoding and deprecate queryDictionar…

    gresrun authored jverkoey committed
    Created a more robust method to parse a query string with
    multi-value and no-value cases.
    Closes #151
Commits on Nov 5, 2010
  1. @jverkoey
  2. @gresrun @jverkoey

    [Core,Network,extJSON] Refactor error domain/codes declarations.

    gresrun authored jverkoey committed
    Now using extern'd constants instead of #defines.
    Each module declares a TTErrorCodes.h and .m which contain the
    error domain and any error codes used in that module.
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