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Commits on Jan 21, 2010
Tomasz Dabrowski fixes 049e24c
Commits on Jan 26, 2010
Tomasz Dabrowski fixes af8108f
Commits on Jan 27, 2010
@jverkoey jverkoey Deprecate isWhitespace. Replaced with isWhitespaceAndNewlines.
See deprecation comment for isWhitespace.
@jverkoey jverkoey Cleaner debug log format using __PRETTY_FUNCTION__.
Thanks go to @steipete for pointing out this macro.
@jverkoey jverkoey Update the AUTHORS file with new contact information. be91c23
Commits on Feb 23, 2010
Tomasz Dabrowski fff 47a1f70
Tomasz Dabrowski Merge branch 'master' of b69a13b
Commits on Apr 19, 2010
@jverkoey jverkoey Standardize the Web Controller code style. 9ebdff0
@jverkoey jverkoey [Dox] Document the web controller. acd0fce
@jverkoey jverkoey [TTTwitter] Add Twitter example project skeleton. e0c028e
@jverkoey jverkoey [TTTwitter] Add Atlas. c5e50c9
@jverkoey jverkoey [TTTwitter] Add skeleton code for Twitter controller. cf22a7a
@jverkoey jverkoey [TTTwitter] Implement the Twitter Search model. 70fc616
@jverkoey jverkoey [TTTwitter] Implement the Twitter search feed model. 8db8690
@dima dima Adding PUT handling 1c9b03a
@jverkoey jverkoey Closes #71. Use the toolbar tint color where applicable. b9754e3
@jverkoey jverkoey Closes #148. Allow the photo view controller toolbar tint to be changed. 72e504e
Owen Yamauchi Fix -[UIImage(TTCategory) transformWidth:height:rotate:] "invalid con…

This method is meant to resize an image, but it was using the wrong value for
the bytesPerRow of the new image (it wasn't taking into account the fact that
the image is being resized -- facepalm). The bug would only manifest if the
destination size was bigger than the image's current size, because the value
given for the new image's bytesPerRow would be too small. If the image was being
scaled down, it would work properly, but some memory would be wasted because the
new image's bytesPerRow would be bigger than necessary. Sigh.

I also wrote a brief doc comment for the method while I was at it.
Owen Yamauchi Use DidShow and DidHide keyboard notifications instead of custom hacks
There are actually official notifications of when the keyboard is finished
hiding and showing, so use those instead of using timers with guessed
delays. Also, use the symbols for the notification names instead of strings.

This fixes the bug wherein the keyboard events arrive in a weird order when the
first responder changes from one control to another immediately. Previously it
went will-disappear, will-appear, did-disappear, did-appear, which doesn't make
sense. Now, it goes will-disappear, will-appear, did-appear -- i.e. it doesn't
lie and say the keyboard disappeared fully, and the events arrive in a sensible

There is still some weird behavior specific to table view controllers
(willDisappear sets the frame and then it immediately gets reset in -didAppear,
causing some weird jumping) but that's for a separate change.
Ben Gertzfield Check for a popup controller when determining top controller
With this change, we now check for pop-up controllers when
determining the top controller.
@jverkoey jverkoey [Minor] Copy NSString object instead of retaining it in TTStyledFrame. 1e88028
@dougbarth dougbarth Adding class descriptions to TTMessageController.h a3fe2e8
@dougbarth dougbarth Method descriptions for TTMessageController.h e63fdbf
Owen Yamauchi Give TTTableMoreButton its own model ivar
This allows you to use the more button in a table view where the model you want
to refresh is not the table view's data source's model. For example, you might
have a table view with two sections, each showing different models.
Owen Yamauchi Make UIViewAdditions methods for showing as keyboard send right notif…

I recently changed TTViewController to correctly handle
UIKeyboard{Will,Did}{Show,Hide}Notifications, and without this change, table
view that autoresized for the keyboard were broken when some other view was
displayed as the keyboard. This makes the relevant code in UIViewAdditions send
the correct notifications so it really does act like a keyboard appearing and
Owen Yamauchi Fix keyboard-disappearing resizing issue
This task of TTViewControllers auto-resizing for keyboard changes is
fraught with peril. In this instance, the problem was appearing in a
couple of places in the FB app. When logging in, the controller
displayed immediately after the login controller (the feed controller)
was getting -keyboardWillDisappear: (because it was disappearing from
the login screen) and was resizing itself to be the keyboard's height
taller than the screen. Another place was in search: when drilling
into a controller from a search listing with the keyboard up, the new
controller would again be the keyboard's height taller than the
screen. This change fixes that and also corrects a possible
double-initialization of the table view, resulting from accessor
properties actually being methods that initialize the ivar in
question. See the comment. >_<
Owen Yamauchi Fix the popup view controller issue
Adds a method to UIViewController which allows it to express whether
it should ever be considered the "top" view controller, and added a
check to -[TTNavigator topViewController] to respect this. Defaults to
YES in UIViewController; the only override for now is
TTPopupViewController, which overrides to NO. In future, we can have
subclasses of TTPopupViewController re-override it to YES if need be.

Tested the camera button in the FB app's publisher bar (on the device)
and verified that the action sheet buttons do what they're supposed
to. Also tried the action sheet buttons for the Profile action sheet
(button in top right corner of friend's profile).

Review request: 73
@jverkoey jverkoey [Dox] Clean up TTListDataSource. 3aba9a0
@jverkoey jverkoey [Dox] Clean up TTTableHeaderView. a6d938d
@jverkoey jverkoey [Dox] Clean up TTTableViewCell. 5b6703c