Preventing occasional crash in TTURLRequestQueue :: createNSURLRequest:URL: #700

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ettore commented Oct 7, 2011

The crash happens because we're attempting to call NSURL :: URLWithString: with a request.urlPath == nil. I am aware that TTURLRequestQueue checks for blank urlPath's before queueing the request, but somehow this situation happens anyway. (Maybe during a memory warning cleanup?)

So I added a 2-liner sanity check to improve stability: this simply cancels the request in the case described above.

jwang commented Oct 14, 2011

The lint should have thrown some warnings here. Also can you resubmit this with targeting the development branch instead of the master branch. Thanks!

jwang commented Oct 26, 2011

thanks @ettore for resubmitting. Note: see #712

@jwang jwang closed this Oct 26, 2011
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