(dev) Preventing occasional crash in TTURLRequestQueue :: createNSURLRequest:URL: #712

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ettore commented Oct 25, 2011

Resubmitting this pull request ( facebook#700 ) to development branch.

The crash happens because we're attempting to call NSURL :: URLWithString: with a request.urlPath == nil. I am aware that TTURLRequestQueue checks for blank urlPath's before queueing the request, but somehow this situation happens anyway. (Maybe during a memory warning cleanup?)

So I added a 2-liner sanity check to improve stability: this simply cancels the request in the case described above.


ettore commented Oct 26, 2011

I unintentionally added a somehow unrelated commit (63d03a1) solving build errors with iOS5/Xcode4.2. It doesn't look like it lets me remove it from this pull request, so if that's an issue, let me know if I should close this request and resubmit these 2 checkins as separate pull requests.


ettore commented Nov 2, 2011

I'm going to have to resubmit this pull request. Committed too much code to the same branch. Closing.

ettore closed this Nov 2, 2011

I really in need of your code. But I dont know how to checkout your version of code. I need to fix all the warnings before monday. Please help me. Thanks in advance..

Dilip Rajkumar.

I'm still 27 warnings when building with iOS 5.

I have no warnings when I applied this.... I think you applied wrong!!
Thank you for the code..

Nice job man, I am looking for these for a long time.

Hello I create a new blank project in Xcode 4.2.1, i'm compile fine witout three20

I add three20 with script and showme 27 warnings and 0 errors, Build Succeeded

I substitue all content in three20 folder with your files buth now I have 27 warnings and 1 error:

Apple LLVM Compiler 3.0 Error:

fatal error: file '/Users/ferranlluctv/Desktop/three20/src/Three20Core/Headers/Three20Core_Prefix.pch' has been modified since the precompiled header was built

Can you helpme?

thanls a lot!

Where did you download the three20 frame work. Because this particular version of three20 will not have any warnings on ios5. However i guess its not merged with the main tree20.

I tried to apply your fixes but I don't really know how to get them into my copy of Three20. I did a "git://github.com/ettore/three20.git" and imported everything using the ttmodule.py script but none of the fixes are showing up.

Can anyone tell me what the proper way is?

Thank you


ettore replied Jan 27, 2012

I never used the ttmodule.py script, I don't know what that does.

AFAIK the current development branch from facebook should already have all these fixes I believe? So I would try theirs first. Simply do a git checkout development after cloning the repository or just download the zip after switching to the development branch in github.

Otherwise, feel free to fork mine. Then switch to the "goodreads" branch (used to be called "development", I just renamed it.)

The development version fix all warnings! thanks

Can I publish app with developer of three20 version?

Thanks a lot!


ettore commented Nov 5, 2011

Dilip-Rajkumar, feel free to use my development branch:

Maybe the simplest thing is to simply download a zip file up to the commit you're interested?

You can always fork my Three20 tree, and then branch out from anywhere in case you need to add more custom stuff to it.

You can also cherry-pick that individual commit (man git-cherry-pick).

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