[Release] Three20 1.0.10 #739

merged 17 commits into from Jan 5, 2012

7 participants

  • Localization additions and corrections.
  • Navigator fixes
  • compiler warnings and more.
aporat and others added some commits Sep 11, 2011
@aporat aporat added TTTableSettingsItem& TTTableSettingsItemCell which emulate the …
…same style of UITableViewCellStyleValue1 (settings table cell)
@jwang jwang version bump to 1.0.10 7177371
@jwang jwang Merge pull request #682 from aporat/TTTableSettingsItem
TTTableSettingsItemCell class
@aporat aporat fixed minor compiler warning / code typo 5ad539d
@jwang jwang Merge pull request #686 from aporat/TTURLNavigator
TTURLNavigator minor compiler warning fix
@aporat aporat use prefferedLanguages instead of user defaults fa1056b
@aporat aporat [Bundle] more Hebrew translation 5660ea2
@jwang jwang Merge pull request #690 from aporat/Hebrew_Localization
[Bundle] Hebrew translation
@Hout Hout Fix background on field labels for TTMessageController 1505fc7
@jwang jwang Merge pull request #691 from aporat/TTCurrentLocale_update
[Core] TTCurrentLocale - Use NSLocale instead of NSUserDefaults for accurate locale.
Adar Porat [UI] Adding TTTableSection e241593
@ettore ettore check if the urlPath of a request is blank before actually issuing it d2bf8d2
@jwang jwang Merge pull request #717 from ettore/blank-urlPath-fix
Preventing occasional crash in TTURLRequestQueue :: createNSURLRequest:URL:
@jwang jwang Merge pull request #692 from Hout/fix-messagecontroller-background
Fix messagecontroller background
@jwang jwang Merge pull request #693 from kosher-penguin/TTTableSection
[UI] Adding TTTableSection
@rehos rehos Added Dutch translation for drag to refresh bbec317
@jwang jwang Merge pull request #734 from rehos/feature/dutch-translations-drag-to…

Added Dutch translations for drag to refresh

There are 7 open issues scheduled for the 1.0.10 milestone. Shouldn't we work on them before? Is there any need to release a version right now?


I think #721 justify doing a release. at least 3 users reported this issue and it effects all apps using TTStripTab

This release also contains some TTTableView Improvements: #682 & #693:

  • New TTTableSection section class
  • New TTTableSettingsItemCell class

Looks like there are already some interesting patches in this release, so I'd be okay to sign it off.
@tonklon anything specific you want to see in 1.0.10? Otherwise I'd say move it to 1.0.11...


No, I'm generally fine with releasing now, I just don't like to reschedule things.

@diederich diederich merged commit 9eb3580 into master Jan 5, 2012
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