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I have need in custom fieldName and filename option in addFile function. This fix has improved generatePostBody


hm, looks like this breaks the internal logic of the _files array, if there is more than one file.

Currently the _files array seems to expect exactly 3 parts: (data, mimeType,fieldName). See the loop here, especially "i+3"

I guess this could be fixed by either adding always 4-parts (and thus an empty element if there's no fieldName), or e.g. by bundling the information in the array either in a custom object, or by using a dictionary.

what do you think?


Yes, I just show you my "fix" :) I am new in iOS development


Yeah, thanks for taking the time to do this!
Feel free to update this pull request with an adjusted fix!
(+1 for creating a new pull request, targeting the development branch :))


ok, thanks:) have a nice day :)

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