[Release] Three20 1.0.11 #771

merged 62 commits into from Feb 7, 2012

8 participants



  • AppleDoc support
  • TTIsMultiTaskingSupported()
  • TTRuntimeOSVersionIsAtLeast(float version)
  • docs.py for generating docs and updating github-pages
  • optional "Reload" button in tableviews that failed to load
  • first draft of Three20.xcworkspace


  • build warnings
  • armv6 broken layouts (-mno-thumb)
  • detection of iOS5 & 4.3
  • TTUrlRequest immediate timeout
  • TTRequestLoader & local URLs
airportyh and others added some commits Sep 7, 2010
@airportyh airportyh fixed TTRequestLoader for local urls 4aaf206
@aporat aporat [UI] fix background color of iPad tables e5f842d
Adar Porat reverting background color back to white a318619
@aporat aporat use TTisPad() instead of UIUserInterfaceIdiomPad 3eb574a
@aporat aporat TTUIPopoverControllerClass() to create UIPopoverController b032b73
@aporat aporat TTStripTab updateoverflow fix b5b746a
@tszming tszming Fixed incorrect control's width ba4396d
@diederich diederich Merge pull request #689 from kosher-penguin/TTStyleSheet_iPad
TTTableViewCell background color issue on iPad devices
Adar Porat fixed project build warning b232ad3
@aporat aporat build warning fixes c421ddf
@diederich diederich Merge pull request #741 from aporat/compiler-warnings-fix
Compiler warnings fixes
@matej matej Use the defaultTimeout value if no TTURLRequest is given.
This fixes a bug where a timeout value of 0.0 seconds is used in a NSURLRequest created without a given TTURLRequest. This causes the NSURLRequest to timeout immediately and fail.
The TTURLRequest is nil when there are several requests in a TTReuestLoader.
@tonklon tonklon [Network] fixed definition of TTURLRequestUseQueueTimeout 575858d
@tonklon tonklon [Tests] added test for issue #680 556de80
@scompt scompt TTURLRequest / NSURLRequest immediate timeout issues 9c36bed
nodemaker Modernized all projects with Xcode 4.2 3aca72c
samyzee Added support for detecting iOS5 and iOS4.3 to TTGlobalUICommon f7d4041
samyzee added function for checking if multitasking supported dfb1634
samyzee Added SystemOS Checker 72a06cc
Adar Porat Merge pull request #721 from kosher-penguin/TTStripTab_Fix
TTTabStrip updateOverflow not being called
nodemaker Fixed Whitespace in Xcode project files 4451366
Adar Porat Merge pull request #742 from nodemaker/pull_request_2
Project Modernization with Xcode 4.2
@aporat aporat code cleanup a9860a4
@diederich diederich Merge pull request #744 from aporat/project-cleanup
unit tests cleanup
@tonklon tonklon Merge pull request #273 from airportyh/master
@tonklon tonklon [Network] remove magic constant without use 79a554b
@tonklon tonklon [Network] adapted airportyh's fix to changes introduced since. ef7f52f
@aporat aporat NetworkRequestTimeoutTests moved to the correct target c894da6
@aporat aporat docs.py script added b279522
@aporat aporat fixing minor appledoc issues 5c14660
@aporat aporat updating README with a documentation section 2d63ff2
Adar Porat Merge pull request #745 from aporat/appledoc-script
Appledoc API Documentation
Adar Porat Merge pull request #743 from nodemaker/pull_request_3
Additions to TTGlobalUICommon
Adar Porat Merge pull request #730 from tszming/development
Fixed incorrect control's width
Adar Porat Merge pull request #695 from kosher-penguin/ios-3.1
iOS 3.1 compatibility changes
@tonklon tonklon [UI] fixed memory leak
fixes #747
@diederich diederich [Three20UI] fixed restoring to a wrong scrollview offset
when restoring the tableView offset, the maximum offset
can be a number < 0, if the contentSize doesn't fill the
whole tableview. If that's the case, set the maximum scrollOffset
to 0.
@aporat aporat added reload button to TTTable error view 983e335
Adar Porat Merge pull request #748 from facebook/fix-scrollview-offset-restore
Fix scrollview offset restore
@diederich diederich [build] add an Xcode4 workspace
* remove from gitignore
* add workspace which references all of three20's projects
  and iteresting files
@diederich diederich [build] remove deleted file from xcodeproj 22be8cf
@diederich diederich [build] add scheme to build all samples 9c881aa
@diederich diederich [build] remove deleted file from xcodeproj a2f29ed
@diederich diederich [build] add extensions to workspace 16d0897
@diederich diederich fix version unit test 3ac2aaf
@diederich diederich fix build by removing duplicate files 68535bb
@diederich diederich [build] add unit test scheme to workspace e7147eb
Adar Porat Merge pull request #751 from diederich/features/xcode-workspace
add Xcode 4 workspace
Adar Porat adding the reload button as optional function in the datasource aba9621
Adar Porat Merge pull request #749 from aporat/tterrorview-button
[UI] Reload buttons in TTTableViewController error views
Adar Porat TTableView shadow crash fix on iOS 5 97737cf
Adar Porat Merge pull request #755 from aporat/TTableView/shadow_crashfix
TTTableView shadow crash fix
@diederich diederich fix mem leaks in TTCatalog fb96b04
@diederich diederich fix mem leaks in TTCatalog
make pointer to NSString's const, not the pointee. Then those strings can be used without copying (and all the mem leaks are fixed)
@aporat aporat adding *.xcworkspace to gitignore 82e51e6
@diederich diederich remove Three20.xcworkspace from ignores 3a921e8
@troppoli troppoli fix optimizer bug in our three20 fork b9bd883
@diederich diederich Merge pull request #768 from troppoli/development
LLVM ARM6 release build optimizer bug...
@diederich diederich fix naming of XML unit test
(was json)
@diederich diederich remove extThree20CSSStyle from global unitTest scheme
see #769 for the related issue
@diederich diederich version bump d4e81b4
@diederich diederich update authors 9db7b9c
@tonklon tonklon merged commit 089a89c into master Feb 7, 2012
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