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This is an old, out of date list of our contributors, from an old README file.
Watir exists because of the help and assistance of many different people over the ages.
More recent contributors are acknowledged in the CHANGES file.
Bret Pettichord
Paul Rogers
Jonathan Kohl
Chris Morris
Karlin Fox
Lorenzo Jorquera
Atilla Ozgur
Justin McCarthy
Chris McMahon
Elisabeth Hendrickson
Michael Kelly
Peter Chau
Danny Faught
Andy Sipe
John Lloyd-Jones
Chris Hedges
Park Heesob
Shashank Date
Jared Luxenberg
Alexey Verkhovsky
Tuyet Cong-Ton-Nu
Jeff Wood
Angrez Singh
Abhishek Goliya
Yaxin Wang
Michael Bolton
Paul Carvalho
Konstantin Sobolev
David Schmidt
Dara Lillis
Charley Baker
Prema Arya
Xavier Noria
Jeff Fry
Zeljko Filipin
Paul Taylor - Bug fix 194
Vincent Xu - Chinese input support
Tomislav Car - Filefield fix (210)
Michael Hwee & Aidy Lewis - Multiple attribute support for FireWatir (233)
Alan Baird - Fix for visible? method (253)
Jari Bakken - Regexp support for includes? and selected? methods for select lists (261)
Chris Morris
Brian Marick
Jonathan Kohl
Penny Tonita
Janet Gregory
Andy Tinkham
Jacinda Scott (logo creator)