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@davidmccabe davidmccabe released this Mar 31, 2021 · 8 commits to master since this release

0.2.0 (2021-3-18)

Major improvements

  • More reliable async selectors
  • Improved performance using HAMT data structures (b7d1cfd).

Other improvements

  • Changed semantics of waitForAny() such that it will always return loadables unless everything is loading. This better aligns behaviour of waitForAny() and waitForNone()
  • Added a waitForAllSettled helper analogous to Promise.allSettled. (4c95591)
  • Friendly error message for misuse of useRecoilCallback (#870)
  • Friendly error message if you try to use an async function as a selector setter, which is not uspported. (#777)
  • Improved React Native support. (#748, #702)
  • Added useGetRecoilValueInfo_UNSTABLE() hook for dev tools. (#713, #714)

Bug fixes

  • Selectors now treat any non-Promise that is thrown as an error, rather than only instances of Error. (f0e66f7)
  • A child of RecoilRoot could sometimes have its state updated after being unmounted. (#917)
  • The error message for missing RecoilRoot wasn't displayed on React experimental releases. (#712)
  • IE 11 compatibility (#894, d27c800)
  • Errors shouldn't be frozen (#852)
  • Atom effects could fail to initialize atoms in certain cases (#775).
  • Async selectors would fail with multiple React roots (a618a3).
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