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Keyframes Guideline on AfterEffects

Software Version

  • Adobe After Effects CC 2015


  • pre-composition is NOT supported
  • No restrictions on frame rate, but an integer frame rate is highly recommended


Layer Parenting

  • Only NULL layers can be used as parent layer of other layers
  • NULL layers can also be used as parent of other NULL layers

Shape Layer

  • Path merging is NOT supported.

    • At most one path per group
    • At most one stroke per group
    • At most one group per layer
  • A typical shape layer looks like Typical Layer

  • Please DO NOT scale, skew, rotate or set opacity under the shape's transformation. DO IT in layers Transform Section Layer Transform

  • Path trim is NOT supported

  • Polystar is NOT supported

  • Rectangles and Ellipses are NOT supported

Image Layer (Experimental Feature)

  • A layer simply backed by a PNG image is supported


  • expressions is NOT supported
  • Only use interpolate type 'LINEAR' and 'BEZIER' on your keyframes
  • DO NOT USE overshoot or undershoot bezier, in other words two control points should always stay in the red rectangle formed by two keyframes. Bezier Overshoot and Undershoot


Gradient (WIP, not fully supported)

  • LINEAR gradient supported by choosing 'Effect/Gradient Ramp'
  • DO NOT USE 'Gradient Fill' Right Linear Gradient Wrong Linear Gradient
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