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Community Cellular Manager (CCM) is a set of programs which allow for standalone telecom systems that can be operated by individuals or as a network appliance inside of a traditional telecom network. The components are as follows:

  • cloud: The endagaweb Django app and other associated services (OpenVPN, certifier, sason) needed to manage a set of CCM clients.

  • client: The software running on an OpenCellular (or similar hardware) access point. Manages subscribers, routing, and access locally while being controlled by the cloud components.

  • openbts-python: A client for openbts-based systems to communicate with CCM-based clients.

  • osmocom-python: A client for osmocom-based systems to communicate with CCM-based clients.

  • common: Libraries shared between the client and cloud stack.

  • sms_utilities: A standalone library for working with SMS PDUs.

Each subdirectory has its own README explaining the build/test/deploy paradigm used for that particular subcomponent.


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Community Cellular Manager is BSD-licensed. We also provide an additional patent grant. See the LICENSE and PATENTS files for more information.