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* Add "Changing the Page Title" to User Guide

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@@ -104,6 +104,7 @@ The [User Guide](
- [Available Scripts](
- [Syntax Highlighting in the Editor](
- [Displaying Lint Output in the Editor](
+- [Changing the Page `<title>`](
- [Installing a Dependency](
- [Importing a Component](
- [Adding a Stylesheet](
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ You can find the most recent version of this guide [here](
- [npm run eject](#npm-run-eject)
- [Syntax Highlighting in the Editor](#syntax-highlighting-in-the-editor)
- [Displaying Lint Output in the Editor](#displaying-lint-output-in-the-editor)
+- [Changing the Page `<title>`](#changing-the-page-title)
- [Installing a Dependency](#installing-a-dependency)
- [Importing a Component](#importing-a-component)
- [Adding a Stylesheet](#adding-a-stylesheet)
@@ -196,6 +197,16 @@ npm install -g eslint-config-react-app@0.3.0 eslint@3.8.1 babel-eslint@7.0.0 esl
We recognize that this is suboptimal, but it is currently required due to the way we hide the ESLint dependency. The ESLint team is already [working on a solution to this]( so this may become unnecessary in a couple of months.
+## Changing the Page `<title>`
+You can find the source HTML file in the `public` folder of the generated project. You may edit the `<title>` tag in it to change the title from “React App” to anything else.
+Note that normally you wouldn't edit files in the `public` folder very often. For example, [adding a stylesheet](#adding-a-stylesheet) is is done without touching the HTML.
jmagrippis Dec 21, 2016 Contributor

Probably wouldn't want to raise an issue just for the "is is" typo?

Timer Dec 21, 2016 Collaborator

Probably not, but a PR fixing it would be welcome!

+If you need to dynamically update the page title based on the content, you can use the browser [`document.title`]( API. For more complex scenarios when you want to change the title from React components, you can use [React Helmet](, a third party library.
+Finally, if you use a custom server for your app in production and want to modify the title before it gets sent to the browser, you can follow advice in [this section](#generating-dynamic-meta-tags-on-the-server).
## Installing a Dependency
The generated project includes React and ReactDOM as dependencies. It also includes a set of scripts used by Create React App as a development dependency. You may install other dependencies (for example, React Router) with `npm`:

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