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Facebook Support on GitHub

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Our developer team tries to provide personal support on GitHub whenever possible.

If you have a feature request or feedback for the developers, reply with Feature Request or Feedback.

If you're a developer or have a question for the developers related to code, reply with Developer Question.

If you're running ads with us, reply with Advertiser.

If you've encountered a bug or a problem with the plugin, keep reading for information that can help you resolve the issue yourself or provide us details we need to help you."

Search Existing Issues

First, please search our issues to see if your problem has been reported before. There may already be a workaround or a solution to your problem. You can search our issues using the search bar near the top of our issues page. Be sure to search both open and closed issues. If you do find a similar issue, leave a comment on that issue instead of creating a new one. Your comment helps us prioritize which existing issues are important and urgent.

Common Resolution Methods

If you're experiencing a problem or bug and have not found any similar issue, please try the following:

  • Upgrade to the latest version of the plugin
  • Try to Resync products using the button on the plugin config page
  • Reset the plugin by selecting Reconfigure > Advanced Options > Delete, and setting up this plugin again
  • Try deactivating other plugins that you think may be interfering, then reset and set up again

Necessary Information

If the above steps did not help, please provide the following information in a new issue in order for us to debug your problem:

  • WooCommerce version
  • WordPress version
  • Plugin version (please note: we only support up-to-date versions of the plugin)
  • A screenshot of where you see the problem (for example: if it's on Facebook, provide a screenshot of Facebook, if it's on WooCommerce, provide a screenshot of WooCommerce. You can provide multiple screenshots if the problem relates to different screens.)
  • The URL of your website
  • The URL of your Facebook Page
  • The URL(s) of where you took your screenshot(s)
  • If applicable, detailed steps you took in order to see the problem

Please include Debug Ready in your reply so our automated system can note your issue for manual review. Please be aware that due to a high volume of issues, we may not be able to respond immediately.

Response Time

We prioritize issues with the tags Advertiser or Multiple Reports.

For issues that have the tags Debug Ready, Feature Request or Developer Question, we aim to respond within 30 days.

If you haven't responded to our automated message or if you haven't made a pull request within 30 days, we may close the request. If a Feature Request is inactive (without new requests, messages or pull requests) for 6 months, we may close it.

Please note that we're not always able to provide support for issues related to other plugins' interaction with this plugin or related to the Facebook advertising interface. To get support related to Facebook ads, try visiting the Facebook Ads Help Center.

Thank you,

The Facebook Dev Team

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