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ifndefdeadmau5 and facebook-github-bot Use JSON syntax in docs & Fix typo in manifest.js (#39)
1. As for codeblock in ``, I think we should use json format as demonstration in `demo-app` uses filename 'translation_input.json`(Also added some missing commas).

2. Just small typo in `manifest.js`
Pull Request resolved: #39

Differential Revision: D13635756

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Babel/Webpack/React OSS FBT Demo

  • yarn install to pull in dependencies down
  • yarn manifest to generate enum and source manifests
  • yarn collect-fbts to collect FBT translatable texts
  • yarn translate-fbts to generate translatedFbts.js from translation_input.json
  • yarn build to generate static files in ./output/.
    • The commands above are required to run this step
  • yarn start to run a local server with hot reloading.
  • yarn test to run unit tests.