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davide125 and facebook-github-bot rpms: backport a few more systemd PRs
- backport systemd/systemd#9460 and systemd/systemd#9500
- revert systemd/systemd@c58fd46 to workaround T30958493

Reviewed By: zsol

Differential Revision: D8731646

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Facebook backported RPMs for CentOS

This repo contains a number of RPM packages that we backported to CentOS 7 and run in our infrastructure. Most of these packages have dependencies from EPEL and from the last released CentOS 7 point release. Some packages also have extra dependencies from Fedora Rawhide that we list below. Because we pull from Rawhide, some of these versions may no longer be available; in that case it's usually safe to use the latest release, but feel free to file an issue as well. In our environment we import the src.rpm for these dependencies and rebuild them in mock.


systemd depends on the dbus, python34-csselect, python34-lxml, and util-linux packages from this repo. It also requires the following packages from Rawhide:

  • curl-7.49.0-1.fc25
  • dracut-044-75.fc25
  • kmod-22-4.fc25
  • libgudev-230-2.fc23

mkosi requires the following packages from Rawhide:

  • arch-install-scripts-15-3.fc24
  • archlinux-keyring-20160215-1.fc25
  • debootstrap-1.0.81-1.fc24
  • keyrings-filesystem-1-5.fc24
  • python35-3.5.2-3.fc23