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Upload Results to Evaluation Server

This page describes the upload instructions for submitting results to the evaluation servers for the COCO DensePose challenge. Submitting results allows you to participate in the challenges and compare results to the state-of-the-art on the public leaderboards. Note that you can obtain results on val by running the evaluation code locally. One can also take advantage of the vkhalidov/densepose-codalab docker image which was tailored specifically for evaluation. Submitting to the evaluation server provides results on the val and test sets. We now give detailed instructions for submitting to the evaluation server:

  1. Create an account on CodaLab. This will allow you to participate in all COCO challenges.

  2. Carefully review the guidelines for entering the COCO challenges and using the test sets.

  3. Prepare a JSON file containing your results in the correct results format for the challenge you wish to enter.

  4. File naming: the JSON file should be named densepose_[subset]_[alg]_results.json. Replace [subset] with the subset you are using (val or test), and [alg] with your algorithm name. Finally, place the JSON file into a zip file named densepose_[subset]_[alg]

  5. To submit your zipped result file to the COCO DensePose Challenge, click on the “Participate” tab on the CodaLab evaluation server page. When you select “Submit / View Results” on the left panel, you will be able to choose the subset. Please fill in the required fields and click “Submit”. A pop-up will prompt you to select the results zip file for upload. After the file is uploaded the evaluation server will begin processing. To view the status of your submission please select “Refresh Status”. Please be patient, the evaluation may take quite some time to complete (from ~20m to a few hours). If the status of your submission is “Failed” please check your file is named correctly and has the right format.

  6. Please enter submission information into Codalab. The most important fields are "Team name", "Method description", and "Publication URL", which are used to populate the COCO leaderboard. Additionally, under "user setting" in the upper right, please add "Team members". There have been issues with the "Method Description", we may collect these via email if necessary. These settings are not intuitive, but we have no control of the Codalab website. For the "Method description", especially for COCO DensePose challenge entries, we encourage participants to give detailed method information that will help the award committee invite participants with the most innovative methods. Listing external data used is mandatory. You may also consider giving some basic performance breakdowns on test subset (e.g., single model versus ensemble results), runtime, or any other information you think may be pertinent to highlight the novelty or efficacy of your method.

  7. After you submit your results to the test-dev eval server, you can control whether your results are publicly posted to the CodaLab leaderboard. To toggle the public visibility of your results please select either “post to leaderboard” or “remove from leaderboard”. Only one result can be published to the leaderboard at any time.

  8. After evaluation is complete and the server shows a status of “Finished”, you will have the option to download your evaluation results by selecting “Download evaluation output from scoring step.” The zip file will contain the score file scores.txt.

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