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# Copyright (c) 2017-present, Facebook, Inc.
# All rights reserved.
# This source code is licensed under the BSD-style license found in the
# LICENSE file in the root directory of this source tree. An additional grant
# of patent rights can be found in the PATENTS file in the same directory.
from parlai.core.teachers import FbDialogTeacher
from parlai.core.agents import MultiTaskTeacher
from .build import build
import copy
import os
tasks = {}
tasks[1] = os.path.join('task1_qa', 'task1_qa_pipe_')
tasks[2] = os.path.join('task2_recs', 'task2_recs_')
tasks[3] = os.path.join('task3_qarecs', 'task3_qarecs_')
tasks[4] = os.path.join('task4_reddit', 'task4_reddit', 'task4_reddit_')
def _path(task, opt):
# Build the data if it doesn't exist.
suffix = ''
dt = opt['datatype'].split(':')[0]
if dt == 'train':
suffix = 'train'
elif dt == 'test':
suffix = 'test'
elif dt == 'valid':
suffix = 'dev'
datafile = os.path.join(opt['datapath'], 'MovieDialog',
'movie_dialog_dataset', '{t}{s}{p}.txt'.format(
t=tasks[int(task)], s=suffix,
p='_pipeless' if task == '4' else ''))
if int(task) == 4:
if dt == 'train':
candpath = None
candpath = datafile.replace(
suffix + '.txt', 'cand-{dt}_pipeless.txt'.format(dt=dt))
candpath = os.path.join(opt['datapath'], 'MovieDialog',
'movie_dialog_dataset', 'entities.txt')
return datafile, candpath
# The knowledge base of facts that can be used to answer questions.
class KBTeacher(FbDialogTeacher):
def __init__(self, opt, shared=None):
opt['datafile'] = os.path.join(opt['datapath'], 'MovieDialog',
'movie_dialog_dataset', 'movie_kb.txt')
super().__init__(opt, shared)
# Single task.
class TaskTeacher(FbDialogTeacher):
def __init__(self, opt, shared=None):
# expecting "moviedialog:task:N"
self.task = opt['task'].split(':')[2]
except IndexError:
self.task = '1' # default task
opt['datafile'], opt['cands_datafile'] = _path(self.task, opt)
super().__init__(opt, shared)
# By default train on all tasks at once.
class DefaultTeacher(MultiTaskTeacher):
def __init__(self, opt, shared=None):
opt = copy.deepcopy(opt)
opt['task'] = ','.join('moviedialog:Task:%d' % (i + 1)
for i in range(len(tasks)))
super().__init__(opt, shared)