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ExecutableWorld, designed to also work with BatchWorld #170

merged 10 commits into from Jun 27, 2017

ExecutableWorld, designed to also work with BatchWorld #170

merged 10 commits into from Jun 27, 2017


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jaseweston commented Jun 26, 2017

A world where messages from agents can be interpreted as actions in the world which result in changes in the environment (are executed). Hence a grounded simulation can be implemented rather than just dialogue between agents.

and not confitioned on the world at all (and it is thus the same as
MultiAgentDialogWorld). """
if == act['id']:
return None

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alexholdenmiller Jun 26, 2017


None or {}?

# All agents (might) observe the results.
for other_agent in self.agents:
obs = self.observe(other_agent, acts[index])
if obs is not None:

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alexholdenmiller Jun 26, 2017


if obs instead of you change None to {}, but either way is fine with me

# The world has its own observe function, which the action
# first goes through (agents receive messages via the world,
# not from each other).
observation = w.observe(agents[index], validate(batch_actions[i]))

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alexholdenmiller Jun 26, 2017


does this have a chance of returning None?

self.batch_observe(other_index, batch_act))
obs = self.batch_observe(other_index, batch_act, index)
if obs is not None:
batch_observations[other_index] = obs

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alexholdenmiller Jun 26, 2017


I wonder if you need to override this always to make sure that you don't accidentally view a stale message? maybe better to fill it with {}

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jaseweston commented Jun 26, 2017

I just didn't want to break existing code that doesn't set anything. I think all models should be able to cope with an empty observation though, ideally. So, in a batch there could be empty ones. But right now we don't allow for that.. should I change it?

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alexholdenmiller left a comment

hoping for the best

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alexholdenmiller commented Jun 27, 2017

we can follow up later with the empty table changes

@jaseweston jaseweston merged commit 5f1d3ac into master Jun 27, 2017
@alexholdenmiller alexholdenmiller deleted the moar branch Jun 28, 2017
huzefasiyamwala added a commit to huzefasiyamwala/ParlAI that referenced this pull request Aug 17, 2017
* added MTurk update to

* added more MTurk news

* added more explanation for multi-assignment design

* fix virtualenv path error

* Fixed bug with vqa_v2 teacher's len (facebookresearch#164)

* Change MTurk local db to be in-memory

* remote agent fixes, switch model param to default None (facebookresearch#166)

* remote fixes (facebookresearch#167)

* Added Personalized Dialog dataset (facebookresearch#163)

* Fixed bug on building fb data (facebookresearch#171)

* ExecutableWorld,  designed to also work with BatchWorld (facebookresearch#170)

* small

* exec world

* small

* blah

* mm

* index

* index

* index

* small batch fixes

* small batch fixes

* Update

* updates to the training loop / logging (facebookresearch#172)

* add sigfig rounding and unit tests for utils (facebookresearch#173)

* train fixes (facebookresearch#174)

* fixes to train and dict (facebookresearch#177)

* bug fixes in drqa (facebookresearch#176)

* Add image feature extraction modules and fix minor bugs.  (facebookresearch#169)

* fix vqa_v1 and vqa_v2 testset image source.
* add image_featurizer
* add image_featurizers and examples.
* update and based on the discussion.

* Fixes to ParsedRemoteAgent (facebookresearch#178)

* Capitalize 'all' to 'All' to follow naming convention

* Fixed missing img path and step size (facebookresearch#180)

* Fixing bibtex citation (facebookresearch#186)

Missing braces

* Added from scratch section to task tutorial (facebookresearch#184)

* vqa fixes (facebookresearch#183)

* Lazy Torch requirement (facebookresearch#182)

* fix a typo (facebookresearch#187)

* Update

* Refactor MTurk html to make it more modular

* Add shutdowns (facebookresearch#191)

* Update

* add insuranceqa as a task (facebookresearch#193)

* Save parameters of all agents through calling

* Move print statement

* Fix docstring

* mturk improvement and cleanup

* fixed path bug

* Adding cmdline args to task agents as well

* Make add_task_args a separate function

* updating save functions (facebookresearch#195)

* Added download resuming (facebookresearch#194)

* Support multiple tasks

* implemented send messages in bulk

* added HIT auto-test script

* better error message

* fixed message duplication error and other issues

* [MTurk] able to approve/reject work individually, block workers, and pay bonus; improved database status checking

* [MTurk] fixed auto test bug

* [MTurk] ignore abandoned HIT

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Update

* world.save_agents fix (facebookresearch#198)

* save agents fix

* moar

* Update

* [MTurk] changed hit approval flow

* [MTurk] added unique_request_token for send_bonus

* fixed comment

* Clean up dir only on version update (facebookresearch#197)

* Update

* Update

* group args when printing (facebookresearch#201)

* Rehosted COCO-IMG to allow for resuming download (facebookresearch#202)

* [MTurk] removed unnecessary wait

* [WIP] trying to increase max concurrent polling operations

* change poll test

* [MTurk] moved to us-east-1 (N. Virginia) for higher Lambda max connections

* turned off debug

* [MTurk] fixed bugs

* [MTurk] block_worker works

* elapsed time

* avg elapsed

* [MTurk] clean up

* [MTurk] added retry for ajax request

* Modified task tutorial (facebookresearch#206)

* Delete memnn_luatorch_cpu.rst

* Update

* Update

* fix test for init files to exclude mturk html dir (facebookresearch#203)

* add task directory to mturk manager

* fix wikimovies kb teacher (facebookresearch#207)

* Default evaluation uses 'valid' datatype (facebookresearch#210)

* Add MS MARCO dataset, and modify insuranceQA to accept version (V1 or V2) (facebookresearch#200)

* Added retrying with exp backoff to downloads (facebookresearch#209)

* added reason for reject_work(); added MTurkWorld as parent class

* Update

* added opt to MTurkWorld.__init__

* better mturk cost checking

* Fixed typo

* Update

* moved sync hit assignment info to a better place

* Fixed dialog data shared cands bug (facebookresearch#212)

* fix to acts indexing in batchworld (facebookresearch#215)

* fix insuranceqa bug (facebookresearch#211)

* Update

* Update

* Update

* Update

* minor comment and print statement fixes (facebookresearch#217)

* update basic tutorial (facebookresearch#219)

* Add TriviaQA task (facebookresearch#204)

* Update

* Tutorial for seq2seq agent, updated agent (facebookresearch#222)

* Add start of sentence token to (facebookresearch#221)

* minor comment and print statement fixes

* add start of sentence token to

* return original order of special tokens; change names of start and end tokens

* quick eos fix

* Update

* Update

* update seq2seq to use "END" like dictionary (facebookresearch#227)

* add hred to parlai (facebookresearch#228)

* Add placeholder agent for HRED model (facebookresearch#229)

* added email_worker API

* refactored init_aws

* setting assignment duration

* getting worker id earlier in time

* hide implementation detail of conversation_id to discourage change

* removed unnecessary create_hit_type_lock

* Added CLEVR task (facebookresearch#233)

* Exception to alert user of possible mistake when providing label and label candidate (facebookresearch#232)

* better handling for email_worker error case

* turn off keypress trigger if send button is disabled

* added abandoned HIT handling

* clean up

* disabled approve/reject for abandoned HITs

* added gating for pay_bonus

* fixed pay bonus bug

* fixed mturk agent act() and observe() bug

* fixed bug

* fixed submit HIT handling

* remove quotes around model path (facebookresearch#239)

The command line option doesn't require quotes, even if /tmp/model is a placeholder it's slightly misleading

* readme, example, and test fixes (facebookresearch#234)

* Update

* bug where wrong word embedding is zeroed (facebookresearch#242)

word_dict['<NULL>'] returns the index for UNK rather than NULL and thus the wrong embedding is being zeroed

* Update

* Added candidates to clevr (facebookresearch#243)

* Allow newlines in FbDialog format by using '\n' in the text file messages (facebookresearch#246)

* Simple task that just loads the specified FbDialogData file (facebookresearch#245)

* fromfile task

* again

* comment

* init py

* fromfile task: add docstring (facebookresearch#247)

* Fixed dialog_babi task 6 candidates (facebookresearch#248)

* Added image args to parlai args (facebookresearch#249)

* weak ranking system for seq2seq (facebookresearch#235)

* Added MemNN agent (facebookresearch#251)

* add references to msmarco and insuranceqa

* update msmarco description

* task list

* Added clevr to task list and item on news (facebookresearch#259)

* Update

* fixed error in json format (facebookresearch#262)

* print() is a function in Python 3 (facebookresearch#256)

* print() is a function in Python 3 (facebookresearch#255)
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