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This directory contains several implementations of a ranker based on a pretrained language model BERT (Devlin et al. It relies on the pytorch implementation provided by Hugging Face (


This directory contains 3 Torch Ranker Agents (see parlai/core/ All of them are rankers, which means that given a context, they try to guess what is the next utterance among a set of candidates.

  • BiEncoderRankerAgent associates a vector to the context and a vector to every possible utterance, and is trained to maximize the dot product between the correct utterance and the context.
  • CrossEncoderRankerAgent concatenate the text with a candidate utterance and gives a score. This scales much less that BiEncoderRankerAgent at inference time since you can not precompute a vector per candidate. However, it tends to give higher accuracy.
  • BothEncoderRankerAgent does both, it ranks the top N candidates using a BiEncoder and follows it by a CrossEncoder. Resulting in a scalable and precise system.


In order to use those agents you need to install pytorch-pretrained-bert ( If you have not installed, running the model will prompt you to run: pip install pytorch-pretrained-bert

Basic Examples

Train a BiEncoder BERT model on ConvAI2:

python examples/ -t convai2 -m bert_ranker/bi_encoder_ranker --batchsize 20 --type-optimization all_encoder_layers -vtim 30 --model-file /tmp/bert_biencoder_test --data-parallel True

Train a CrossEncoder BERT model on ConvAI2:

python examples/ -t convai2 -m bert_ranker/cross_encoder_ranker --batchsize 2 --type-optimization all_encoder_layers -vtim 30 --model-file /tmp/bert_crossencoder_test --data-parallel True
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