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tasks [Wizard of Wikipedia] Interactive retrieval and MTurk evaluation (#1623) Apr 9, 2019

parlai/mturk contains a few separate MTurk-related folders:

  • core: contains all the files that are used to make the underlying MTurk interaction work properly
  • tasks: contains a number of tasks that have been launched on MTurk to collect various datasets (shared for reproducibility), as well as a few tasks that exist as examples of possible MTurk functionality
  • scripts/: contains various helpful review and cleanup scripts to manage tasks from the command line (especially after mistakes or major failures).
  • webapp: contains server and build files for the [Beta] ParlAI-MTurk frontend, which is currently under heavy development and may undergo many changes
  • run_data/: contains all of the cross-run state in sqlite databases (default pmt_data.db and pmt_sbdata.db), as well as any world data saved by the default behavior of MTurkDataWorld (in live and sandbox folders, following the behavior specified in MTurkDataHandler).
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