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Talking With Hands 16.2M

This repository contains the data released in the ICCV 2019 paper, Talking With Hands 16.2M: A Large-Scale Dataset of Synchronized Body-Finger Motion and Audio for Conversational Motion Analysis and Synthesis . pdf, supplementary.


This release contains majority of the entire dataset described in our paper: the motion data of 32 sessions. Each session contains several conversation tasks between a pair of persons, as described in our paper. In total, this release contains 116 takes, approximately 20 hours of conversation data. We are working to release other parts of the dataset in the future, including the audio.

[NEW: 02/24/2021] Now audio data of 17 sessions are released. Note we masked out (by setting audio sample values to 0) any audio segment that may relate to privacy or person identifiable information. The audio data of remaining sessions are under review & cleaning process now. Note only conversational takes have audios. The body gesture takes do not have audio.


If you cloned the whole repository, you can use the following command (stackoverflow) to unzip the data.

cd mocap_data
find . -name "*.zip" | xargs -P 5 -I fileName sh -c 'unzip -o -d "$(dirname "fileName")/$(basename -s .zip "fileName")" "fileName"'

Conversation takes

The dataset includes motion capture takes other than conversations, such as range of motion. We plan to provide additional information in the near future.

If you would like to use just the conversation takes, see configs/conversations.json to find out which takes are the conversation takes, and their corresponding lengths.

Types of participants

There are two types of participants, deep and shallow. Deep participants have participated across multiple sessions, while shallow participants had only one session.

Missing Data

We identified the following takes missing data for the shallow participant. We are working to address this issue. In the meantime, you can still use the data of the deep participants for these takes.

session16/take7 session16/take8 session21/take12 session22/take16 session22/take17

session22/take5 session22/take6 session22/take7 session24/take7 session28/take10

session28/take11 session28/take14 session28/take15 session28/take4 session28/take5


If you have any specific questions regarding the released data, please email Gilwoo Lee.


The TalkingWithHands dataset is CC-BY-NC 4.0 licensed, as found in the LICENSE file.


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