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CoVoST: A Diverse Multilingual Speech-To-Text Translation Corpus (CC0 Licensed)
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CoVoST: A Diverse Multilingual Speech-To-Text Translation Corpus

License: CC0-1.0 Open In Colab

End-to-end speech translation (E2E ST) has recently witnessed an increased interest given its system simplicity, lower inference latency and less compounding errors compared to cascaded one (speech recognition + machine translation). E2E ST model training, however, is often hampered by the lack of parallel data. Thus, we created CoVoST, a large & diverse multilingual speech-to-text translation corpus based on Common Voice (2019-06-12 release). It includes speeches in 11 languages (French, German, Dutch, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Turkish, Persian, Swedish, Mongolian and Chinese), their transcripts and English translations. We also provide an additional out-of-domain evaluation set from Tatoeba for 5 languages (French, German, Dutch, Russian and Spanish) into English.

Please check out our paper for more details and the VizSeq example for exploring CoVoST data.

CoVoST Statistics

What's New

  • 2020-02-27: Example added for exploring CoVoST data with VizSeq
  • 2020-02-13: Paper accepted to LREC 2020 (Oral)
  • 2020-02-07: CoVoST released

Getting Data


  1. Download the 2019-06-12 release of Common Voice (NOT the latest 2019-12-10 one from the web page) for speeches and transcripts:

  2. Download translations for all the 11 languages, where validated.<lang>_en.en are matched with the transcripts in validated.tsv.

Tatoeba Evaluation Data

  1. Download transcripts and translations and extract files to data/tt/*.

  2. Download speech data:

python --root <mp3 download root (default to data/tt/mp3)>

Exploring Data

VizSeq Example Open In Colab


CoVoST data CC0
Tatoeba sentences CC BY 2.0 FR
Tatoeba speeches Various CC licenses (please check out data/tt/tatoeba_s2t.<lang>_en.<lang>_lic)
Anything else CC BY-NC 4.0


Please cite as

    title={CoVoST: A Diverse Multilingual Speech-To-Text Translation Corpus},
    author={Changhan Wang and Juan Pino and Anne Wu and Jiatao Gu},


Changhan Wang (, Juan Miguel Pino (, Jiatao Gu (

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