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vkhalidov and facebook-github-bot added GPSm evaluation mode
Added evaluation based on GPSm metric, which uses geometric mean of geodesic distance (GPS) and mask intersection over union (IOU) as a proximity measure. As compared to the previous GPS metric, it favors good mask estimates and penalizes situations where all pixels are estimated as foreground.

Created separate files for different test types (following general detectron2 structure). This way it's more convenient to run selected tests.

Reviewed By: MarcSzafraniec

Differential Revision: D19375107

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Latest commit bcd919d Jan 15, 2020
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DensePose added GPSm evaluation mode Jan 15, 2020
TensorMask Use explicit versions in builtin configs (#363) Jan 8, 2020
TridentNet Use explicit versions in builtin configs (#363) Jan 8, 2020 update misc docs Dec 19, 2019

Here are a few research projects that are built on detectron2. They are examples of how to use detectron2 as a library, to make your projects more maintainable.

Note that these are research projects, and therefore may not have the same level of support or stability of detectron2.

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