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Hydra 1.1.1

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@jieru-hu jieru-hu released this 19 Aug 20:51

1.1.1 (2021-08-19)


  • Allow range() in override grammar to have only one argument (the stop value), e.g. range(3) (#1664)
  • Add support for a HYDRA_DEPRECATION_WARNINGS_AS_ERRORS envorinment variable. When it is set, using deprecated features causes an exception instead of a warning. (#1689)
  • To make migration from Hydra 1.0 to 1.1 easier, Hydra will now issue a warning if the primary config defines config values and Defaults List if the Defaults List does not specify _self_ (#1755)

API Change (Renames, deprecations and removals)

  • Re-introduced a deprecated strict flag in the Compose API (#1694)
  • Relax handling of legacy hydra overrides in the defaults list to make migration from Hydra 1.0 to 1.1 easier (#1748)

Bug Fixes

  • Allow Defaults List interpolation in nested configs and document that the interpolation keys must be absolute (#1668)
  • instantiate API now supports target as a parameter name (#1669)
  • Fix --cfg=job --resolve and --help --resolve so that the ${hydra:...} resolver now prints properly (#1681)
  • Fix unexpected changes to defaults list in some cases when appending an experiment (+experiment=test) (#1706)
  • Fixed composition where top level of a config composed from a config group is a list (#1724)
  • Fix bug where overriding hydra config groups more than once without using the override keyword resulted in an error instead of deprecation warnings (#1730)
  • Fix failure when sanitizing stack traces resulting from job exceptions (#1739)