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Hydra 1.2.0

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@pixelb pixelb released this 17 May 22:23
· 6 commits to 1.2_branch since this release

1.2.0 (2022-05-17)

Bug fixes

  • hydra.runtime.choices is now updated correctly during multi-run (#1882)
  • hydra.verbose=True now works with multirun. (#1897)
  • Fix a resolution error occurring when a nested class is passed as a _target_ keyword argument to instantiate (#1914)
  • It is now possible to pass other callable objects (besides functions) to hydra.main. (#2042)

New features

  • Add support to Hydra's instantiation API for creation of functools.partial instances via a _partial_ keyword. (#1283)
  • Support defining basic sweeping in input config. (#1376)
  • Improve error message with more context when an omegaconf exception occurs during the config merge step. (#1697)
  • Add --experimental-rerun command-line option to reproduce pickled single runs (#1805)
  • Add experimental Callback for pickling job info. (#2092)
  • Implement tab completions for appending to the defaults list (+group=option) and deleting from the defaults list (~group). (#1841)
  • Enable the use of the pipe symbol | in unquoted strings when parsing command-line overrides. (#1850)
  • Support for Python 3.10 (#1856)
  • Improve clarity of error messages when hydra.utils.instantiate encounters a _target_ that cannot be located (#1863)
  • The instantiate API now accepts ListConfig/list-type config as top-level input. (#1950)
  • Improve error messages raised in case of instantiation failure. (#2099)
  • Add callback for logging JobReturn. (#2100)
  • Support disable changing working directory at runtime. (#910)
  • Support setting hydra.mode through config. (#394)

Behavior changes

  • The antlr version requirement is updated from 4.8 to 4.9, to align better with current antlr versions
  • If user code raises an exception when called by instantiate, raise an InstantiateError exception instead of an instance of the same exception class that was raised by the user code. (#1911)
  • Remove support for deprecated arg config_loader to Plugin.setup, and update signature of run_job to require hydra_context. (#1953)

The remaining changes are protected by the new version_base support,
which allows one to either configure Hydra to support older setups / config, or configure Hydra to use the following more modern defaults:

  • Remove deprecated "old optional" defaults list syntax (#1952)
  • Remove support for the legacy hydra override syntax (see deprecation notice). (#2056)
  • Remove support for old hydra.experimental.{compose,initialize} interface
  • Remove support for _name_ and _group_ from package header (see deprecation notice)
  • Remove support for legacy default list interpolation format (see deprecation notice)
  • Remove support for TargetConf class
  • Remove support for strict flag from compose API (see deprecation notice)
  • Remove support for ".yml" extensions, requiring ".yaml" instead.
  • Default to not changing the working directory at runtime. Use hydra.job.chdir=True to reinstate old behavior.
  • Default to not adding any directory to the config path. (see config_path options)