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Neural Volumes

This repository contains training and evaluation code for the paper Neural Volumes. The method learns a 3D volumetric representation of objects & scenes that can be rendered and animated from only calibrated multi-view video.

Neural Volumes

Citing Neural Volumes

If you use Neural Volumes in your research, please cite the paper:

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 title = {Neural Volumes: Learning Dynamic Renderable Volumes from Images},
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File Organization

The root directory contains several subdirectories and files:

data/ --- custom PyTorch Dataset classes for loading included data
eval/ --- utilities for evaluation
experiments/ --- location of input data and training and evaluation output
models/ --- PyTorch modules for Neural Volumes --- main evaluation script --- main training script


  • Python (3.6+)
    • PyTorch (1.2+)
    • NumPy
    • Pillow
    • Matplotlib
  • ffmpeg (in PATH, needed to render videos)

How to Use

There are two main scripts in the root directory: and The scripts take a configuration file for the experiment that defines the dataset used and the options for the model (e.g., the type of decoder that is used).

A sample set of input data is provided in the v0.1 release and can be downloaded here and extracted into the root directory of the repository. experiments/dryice1/data contains the input images and camera calibration data, and experiments/dryice1/experiment1 contains an example experiment configuration file (experiments/dryice1/experiment1/

To train the model:

python experiments/dryice1/experiment1/

To render a video of a trained model:

python experiments/dryice1/experiment1/ Render


See the LICENSE file for details.


Training and Evaluation Code for Neural Volumes



Code of conduct

Security policy





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