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OGRE dataset

Contains code to reproduce agent baselines from OGRE dataset. See the paper for details.


If an agent understands how to reason about some objects, can it generalize this understanding to new objects that it has never seen before? We propose the Object-based Generalization for Reasoning Environment (OGRE) for testing object generalization in the context of creative reasoning and efficient acting.

OGRE emphasizes evaluating agents by how efficiently they solve novel creative reasoning tasks, not just how well they can predict the future. OGRE provides two levels of generalization: generalization over reasoning strategies with familiar objects, and generalization over new object types that still share similar material properties to those in training.

A Top: an example of a level within the training set of OGRE. Black and purple objects are static; objects with any other color are dynamic and subject to gravity. Actions are single balls at a position (x, y) with radius r, depicted as a red ball which falls under gravity once placed. Agents can observe the outcomes of these actions for a large set of training levels. Bottom: other example levels that might be included in training.

B: cross-template testing includes levels that use the same object representations, but require different kinds of strategies to succeed.

C: cross-dataset testing includes a set of levels from the Virtual Tools environment, which represents both goals and object shapes differently.

Explore the tasks

You can explore all the task in the PHYRE player


Cross-dataset generalization is implemented as a generaralization tier in PHYRE framework referred to as ball_phyre_to_tool. Please see the API documentaion for more details.

We provide code that runs the baselines from PHYRE dataset and also newly added Object-Oriented Random Agent on cross-template and cross-dataset settings. To launch all evals download pre-trained checkpoints with bash and run python agents/ See PHYRE's README for details of DQN training.