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CMAKE_TARGET := cmake_build/Makefile
VIZ_TARGET := src/viz/build/index.html
THRIFT_JS_TARGET := src/viz/public/thrift.js
GENJS_DIR := src/viz/public/gen-js
MKFILE_PATH := $(abspath $(lastword $(MAKEFILE_LIST)))
ifeq (,$(wildcard $(GENJS_DIR)/*))
# To avoid erros of the gen-js doesn't exist depend on compile instead.
GENJS_DEPS := compile
GENJS_DEPS := $(wildcard $(GENJS_DIR)/*) $(wildcard src/viz/public/*)
.PHONY: all compile generate_tasks generate_test_tasks run_server clean test develop react_deps
all: compile generate_tasks generate_test_tasks develop $(VIZ_TARGET)
git submodule init
git submodule update
mkdir -p cmake_build && cd cmake_build && cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release .. -DCMAKE_LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY=../src/python/phyre -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=$(shell which python)
compile: $(CMAKE_TARGET)
make -C cmake_build -j
compile_verbose: $(CMAKE_TARGET)
make -C cmake_build -j VERBOSE=1
mkdir -p xc && cd xc && cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -GXcode .. -DCMAKE_LIBRARY_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY=../src/python/phyre
generate_tasks: | compile
rm -rf data/generated_tasks/tasks.pickle
cd src/python && python -m phyre.generate_tasks $(MKFILE_DIR)/data/task_scripts/main $(MKFILE_DIR)/data/generated_tasks --save-single-pickle --with-eval-stats
generate_test_tasks: | compile
rm -rf src/simulator/tests/test_data/task_validation/task*bin
cd src/python && python -m phyre.generate_tasks $(MKFILE_DIR)/data/task_scripts/tests/task_validation ../simulator/tests/test_data/task_validation
rm -rf src/simulator/tests/test_data/user_input/task*bin
cd src/python && python -m phyre.generate_tasks $(MKFILE_DIR)/data/task_scripts/tests/user_input ../simulator/tests/test_data/user_input
rm -rf src/simulator/tests/test_data/benchmark/task*bin
cd src/python && python -m phyre.generate_tasks $(MKFILE_DIR)/data/task_scripts/tests/benchmark ../simulator/tests/test_data/benchmark
test: | compile generate_test_tasks
make -C cmake_build test
cd src/python && nosetests phyre/tests/
check_solutions: | compile
cd src/python && python -m phyre.check_solutions
run_server: | compile $(VIZ_TARGET)
cd src/python && python -m phyre.server
cd src/python && python egg_info
develop: | compile gen_egg $(VIZ_TARGET)
cd src/viz && npm ci
$(VIZ_TARGET): src/viz/src/* $(GENJS_DEPS) $(THRIFT_JS_TARGET) | compile
cd src/viz && npm run build
rm -rf cmake_build src/viz/build src/python/phyre/simulator_bindings.cpython-*.so src/python/Phyre.egg-info/ $(THRIFT_JS_TARGET)
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