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TACTO: A Fast, Flexible and Open-source Simulator for High-Resolution Vision-based Tactile Sensors

License: MIT PyPI CircleCI Code style: black DIGIT-logo

TACTO Simulator

This package provides a simulator for vision-based tactile sensors, such as DIGIT. It provides models for the integration with PyBullet, as well as a renderer of touch readings.

NOTE: the simulator is not meant to provide a physically accurate dynamics of the contacts (e.g., deformation, friction), but rather relies on existing physics engines.

For updates and discussions please join the #TACTO channel at the community.


The preferred way of installation is through PyPi:

pip install tacto

Alternatively, you can manually clone the repository and install the package using:

git clone
cd tacto
pip install -e .


This package contain several components:

  1. A renderer to simulate readings from vision-based tactile sensors.
  2. An API to simulate vision-based tactile sensors in PyBullet.
  3. Mesh models and configuration files for the DIGIT and Omnitact sensors.


Additional packages (torch, gym, pybulletX) are required to run the following examples. You can install them by pip install -r requirements/examples.txt.

For a basic example on how to use TACTO in conjunction with PyBullet look at [TBD],

For an example of how to use just the renderer engine look at examples/

For advanced examples of how to use the simulator with PyBullet look at the examples folder.


Demo Allegro

Demo OmniTact

Demo Grasp

Demo Rolling

NOTE: the renderer requires a screen. For rendering headless, use the "EGL" mode with GPU and CUDA driver or "OSMESA" with CPU. See PyRender for more details.


This project is licensed under MIT license, as found in the LICENSE file.


If you use this project in your research, please cite:

  author  = {Wang, Shaoxiong and Lambeta, Mike and Chou, Lambeta and Calandra, Roberto},
  title   = {TACTO: A Fast, Flexible and Open-source Simulator for High-Resolution Vision-based Tactile Sensors},
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