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Client to interact easily with the Faceless Cloud server API.
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Facelesscloud Client




This is a client to interact easily with the Faceless Cloud server API.



* pip3 install facelesscloud

Get functions

get_region    Give you all Region informations and their IDs.
get_os        Give you all Operating System informations and their IDs.
get_flavor    Give you all Flavor Machine type informations and their IDs.

Make configuration file

Simply use the subcommand "makeconf" to easy start spawning instances.

* facelesscloud makeconf

Spawn a new instance with the config file

Now Spawn the instance using the config file that you just created.

* facelesscloud spawn -c instance-conf.json

Spawn a new instance with args

You can also directly use "spawn" subcommand send give the required params.

* facelesscloud spawn --time 24 --flavor 201 --operating_system 167 --region 1 --sshkey /home/USER/.ssh/ --kickstart ../path_to_your_bash_script/

Ful Documentation

You can visit for full information.
Or simply use the "--help" argument to know about other subcommands like, os, region, flavor, etc...

* facelesscloud --help


  • Tested against Ubuntu 16 and 18, but can run on Centos or any Linux Distro with python3.
  • Little QRCode diplaying bug under Windows, but should work fine.

Authors and maintainers

Originally written by Faceless Cloud


This is a free software. Anyone is free to copy, modify, publish, use, compile, sell or distribute this software. Do what ever the fuck you want.

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