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Markdown Preview

Preview and build your markdown files quickly in your web browser using Sublime Text 3.

You can use the builtin Python Markdown parser (offline) or use the GitHub Markdown API or GitLab Markdown API (online) for the conversion.


  • Markdown preview using the python-markdown with syntax highlighting via Pygments and optional 3rd party extensions (pymdown-extensions included by default).
  • Markdown previews via the GitHub API.
  • Markdown previews via the GitLab API thanks to @hadisfr.
  • Ability use other external Markdown parsers.
  • Build markdown file using Sublime Text build system.
  • Browser preview auto reload on save if you have the LiveReload plugin installed.
  • Configurable CSS and JavaScript assets with overriding if needed.
  • YAML support thanks to @tommi.
  • Clipboard selection and copy to clipboard thanks to @hexatrope.
  • MathJax support : \(\frac{\pi}{2}\) thanks to @bps10.
  • HTML template customization thanks to @hozaka.
  • Embed images as base64.
  • Strip out MultiMarkdown CriticMarkup.



  • Any bugs about Markdown Preview please feel free to report here.
  • And you are welcome to fork and submit pull requests.


Markdown Preview contains a stripped down version of font awesome that is included in the default non-GitHub CSS. It contains only the icons we currently use.


The code is available at GitHub under the MIT license.