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Scope Hunter
Licensed under MIT
Copyright (c) 2012 Isaac Muse <>
import sublime
import sublime_plugin
from time import time, sleep
import _thread as thread
from ScopeHunter.lib.color_scheme_matcher import ColorSchemeMatcher
pref_settings = {}
scheme_matcher = None
sh_settings = {}
def log(msg):
print("ScopeHunter: %s" % msg)
def underline(regions):
Convert to empty regions
new_regions = []
for region in regions:
start = region.begin()
end = region.end()
while start < end:
start += 1
return new_regions
class ScopeThreadManager(object):
def load(cls):
cls.wait_time = 0.12
cls.time = time()
cls.modified = False
cls.ignore_all = False
cls.instant_scoper = False
def is_enabled(cls, view):
return not view.settings().get("is_widget") and not cls.ignore_all
class ScopeGlobals(object):
bfr = None
pt = None
def clear(cls):
cls.bfr = None = None
class ScopeHunterInsertCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
def run(self, edit):
self.view.insert(edit,, ScopeGlobals.bfr)
class GetSelectionScope(object):
def get_scope(self, pt):
if self.rowcol or self.points or self.highlight_extent:
pts = self.view.extract_scope(pt)
# Scale back the extent by one for true points included
if pts.size() < self.highlight_max_size:
self.extents.append(sublime.Region(pts.begin(), pts.end()))
if self.points:
self.scope_bfr.append("%-25s (%d, %d)" % ("Scope Extent pts:", pts.begin(), pts.end()))
if self.rowcol:
row1, col1 = self.view.rowcol(pts.begin())
row2, col2 = self.view.rowcol(pts.end())
"%-25s (line: %d char: %d, line: %d char: %d)" % ("Scope Extent row/col:", row1 + 1, col1 + 1, row2 + 1, col2 + 1)
scope = self.view.scope_name(pt)
if self.clipboard:
if self.first and self.show_statusbar:
self.status = scope
self.first = False
self.scope_bfr.append("Scope:\n " + self.view.scope_name(pt).strip().replace(" ", "\n "))
if self.show_selectors and scheme_matcher is not None:
color, style, bgcolor, color_selector, bg_selector, style_selectors = scheme_matcher.guess_color(self.view, pt, scope)
scheme_file = scheme_matcher.color_scheme
self.scope_bfr.append("%-25s %s" % ("Scheme File:", scheme_file))
self.scope_bfr.append("%-25s %s" % ("foreground:", color))
self.scope_bfr.append("%-25s %s" % ("foreground selector:", color_selector))
self.scope_bfr.append("%-25s %s" % ("background:", bgcolor))
self.scope_bfr.append("%-25s %s" % ("background selector:", bg_selector))
self.scope_bfr.append("%-25s %s" % ("style:", style))
if style_selectors["bold"] != "":
self.scope_bfr.append("%-25s %s" % ("bold selector:", style_selectors["bold"]))
if style_selectors["italic"] != "":
self.scope_bfr.append("%-25s %s" % ("italic selector:", style_selectors["italic"]))
except Exception as e:
log("Evaluating theme failed! Ignoring theme related info.\n%s" % str(e))
self.show_selectors = False
# Divider
def run(self, v):
self.view = v
self.window = self.view.window()
view = self.window.get_output_panel('scope_viewer')
self.scope_bfr = []
self.clips = []
self.status = ""
self.show_statusbar = bool(sh_settings.get("show_statusbar", False))
self.show_panel = bool(sh_settings.get("show_panel", False))
self.clipboard = bool(sh_settings.get("clipboard", False))
self.multiselect = bool(sh_settings.get("multiselect", False))
self.rowcol = bool(sh_settings.get("extent_line_char", False))
self.points = bool(sh_settings.get("extent_points", False))
self.console_log = bool(sh_settings.get("console_log", False))
self.highlight_extent = bool(sh_settings.get("highlight_extent", False))
self.highlight_scope = sh_settings.get("highlight_scope", 'invalid')
self.highlight_style = sh_settings.get("highlight_style", 'underline')
self.highlight_max_size = int(sh_settings.get("highlight_max_size", 100))
self.show_selectors = bool(sh_settings.get("show_color_scheme_info", False))
self.first = True
self.extents = []
# Get scope info for each selection wanted
if len(self.view.sel()):
if self.multiselect:
for sel in self.view.sel():
# Copy scopes to clipboard
if self.clipboard:
# Display in status bar
if self.show_statusbar:
# Show panel
if self.show_panel:
ScopeGlobals.bfr = '\n'.join(self.scope_bfr) = 0
self.window.run_command("show_panel", {"panel": "output.scope_viewer"})
if self.console_log:
print('\n'.join(["Scope Hunter"] + self.scope_bfr))
if self.highlight_extent:
highlight_style = 0
if self.highlight_style == 'underline':
# Use underline if explicity requested,
# or if doing a find only when under a selection only (only underline can be seen through a selection)
self.extents = underline(self.extents)
highlight_style = sublime.DRAW_EMPTY_AS_OVERWRITE
elif self.highlight_style == 'outline':
highlight_style = sublime.DRAW_OUTLINED
find_scopes = GetSelectionScope().run
class GetSelectionScopeCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand):
def run(self, edit):
ScopeThreadManager.modified = True
def is_enabled(self):
return ScopeThreadManager.is_enabled(self.view)
class ToggleSelectionScopeCommand(sublime_plugin.ApplicationCommand):
def run(self):
ScopeThreadManager.instant_scoper = False if ScopeThreadManager.instant_scoper else True
if ScopeThreadManager.instant_scoper:
ScopeThreadManager.modified = True
ScopeThreadManager.time = time()
win = sublime.active_window()
if win is not None:
view = win.active_view()
if (
view is not None and
ScopeThreadManager.is_enabled(view) and
bool(sh_settings.get("highlight_extent", False)) and
class SelectionScopeListener(sublime_plugin.EventListener):
def clear_regions(self, view):
if self.enabled and bool(sh_settings.get("highlight_extent", False)) and len(view.get_regions("scope_hunter")):
def on_selection_modified(self, view):
self.enabled = ScopeThreadManager.is_enabled(view)
if not ScopeThreadManager.instant_scoper or not self.enabled:
# clean up dirty highlights
ScopeThreadManager.modified = True
ScopeThreadManager.time = time()
def sh_run():
Kick off scoper
# Ignore selection inside the routine
ScopeThreadManager.modified = False
ScopeThreadManager.ignore_all = True
window = sublime.active_window()
view = None if window is None else window.active_view()
if view is not None:
ScopeThreadManager.ignore_all = False
ScopeThreadManager.time = time()
def sh_loop():
Start thread that will ensure scope hunting happens after a barage of events
Initial hunt is instant, but subsequent events in close succession will
be ignored and then accounted for with one match by this thread
while True:
if not ScopeThreadManager.ignore_all:
if ScopeThreadManager.modified is True and time() - ScopeThreadManager.time > ScopeThreadManager.wait_time:
sublime.set_timeout(lambda: sh_run(), 0)
def init_color_scheme():
global pref_settings
global scheme_matcher
pref_settings = sublime.load_settings('Preferences.sublime-settings')
scheme_file = pref_settings.get('color_scheme')
scheme_matcher = ColorSchemeMatcher(scheme_file)
except Exception as e:
scheme_matcher = None
log("Theme parsing failed! Ingoring theme related info.\n%s" % str(e))
pref_settings.add_on_change('reload', init_color_scheme)
def plugin_loaded():
global sh_settings
sh_settings = sublime.load_settings('scope_hunter.sublime-settings')
if 'running_sh_loop' not in globals():
global running_sh_loop
running_sh_loop = True
thread.start_new_thread(sh_loop, ())
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