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Facet Digital, LLC

We are a multifaceted design and development agency that specializes in creating intuitive product experiences.

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  1. Command-line tool to get your DNS Zone File from NameCheap.

    Python 16 4

  2. A simple Vagrant environment and helper scripts for quickly getting setup with Dokku for development with Dokku's Heroku-like git-based deployment and buildpacks.

    Shell 11

  3. A UICollectionViewLayout subclass, used as the layout object of a UICollectionView for iOS and tvOS, developed in Swift, based on RFQuiltLayout.

    Swift 10 2

  4. A Chef Cookbook to help workaround the CHEF-3694 resource cloning warnings by merging resources instead.

    Ruby 3 1

  5. Chef cookbook to workaround CHEF-3581, a bug that prevents Omnibus-installed Chef from working when RVM is loaded.

    Ruby 1 1

  6. Simple jQuery plugin to scale images to fit/fill a defined area while maintaining aspect ratio and maintaining centering

    JavaScript 1


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