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A Leaflet layer that adds the nautical features overlay from FreieTonne.

Demo on FacilMap


Since release 2.0.0, Leaflet.FreieTonne is published as an ES module only. Install it using npm install -S leaflet-freie-tonne and use it in your code like so:

import FreieTonne from 'leaflet-freie-tonne';
new FreieTonne().addTo(map);

TypeScript is supported. FreieTonne is a Leaflet layer, so it can be added as an overlay to L.Control.Layers and used in any other way that a Layer can be used.

If you want to use Leaflet.FreieTonne directly inside a website without using a module bundler (not recommended for production), you need to make sure to import it and Leaflet as a module, for example from

<script type="importmap">
		"imports": {
			"leaflet": "",
			"leaflet-freie-tonne": ""
<script type="module">
	import L from "leaflet";
	import FreieTonne from "leaflet-freie-tonne";

	const map ='map', { center: [53.7259, 9.5072], zoom: 10 });
	L.tileLayer("https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png", {
		attribution: '© <a href="" target="_blank">OSM Contributors</a>',
		noWrap: true
	new FreieTonne().addTo(map);