The fact-tools are an extension to the streams framework to analyse the data of the First G-APD Cherenkov Telescope.
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The FACT-Tools are a collection of processors and stream implementations for the streams framework to analyse the data of the First G-APD Cherenkov Telescope.

This README file provides a quick overview of the FACT-Tools. Further information, including API docs, can be found on the project web-page

The project is licensed under the GNU Public License, Version 3 (GPLv3).

Download the latest release

You can download the jar-file of the latest release version on our GitHub Release Page

Building the FACT-Tools

The FACT-Tools are provided as a standard Maven project. They can be built by calling maven as follows:

$ mvn package

This will automatically download the required libraries defined as dependencies in the project definition, run the unit test suite and will create a final bundled Jar file that includes all required classes in the target directory.

Running the FACT-Tools

The final Jar file is called fact-tools-VERSION.jar, where VERSION is the current version of the project.

Running the FACT-Tools requires a simple process graph definition as an XML file.

With an XML file at hand the process graph can be started by issuing

$ java -jar fact-tools-VERSION.jar /path/to/process.xml

Properties in the XML file can be overwritten on the commandline by providing them with -Dproperty=value:

$ java -jar fact-tools-VERSION.jar examples/viewer.xml -Dinfile=file:20131101_151.fits.fz

We also provide a python package including commandline-executables to make running the FACT-Tools on large amounts of FACT files easier, it's called erna


There are a number of example XML files in the examples/ directory.

To perform the current FACT-Tools standard analysis and write image parameters to FITS files, run

$ java -jar <jar> examples/stdAnalysis.xml -Dinfile=file:<datafile> -Ddrsfile=file:<drsfile> -Doutfile=file:<outputfile> -DauxFolder=file:<aux_dir>

To convert FACT rawdata zfits files to standard, uncompressed FITS, use:

$ java -jar <jar> examples/zfits2fits.xml -Dinfile=file:<datafile> -Doutfile=file:<outputfile>

To apply the DRS calibration and save calibrated time series in standard, uncompressed FITS, use:

$ java -jar <jar> examples/apply_drs_calibration.xml -Dinfile=file:<datafile> -Ddrsfile=file:<drsfile> -Doutfile=file:<outputfile>

To save number of photons and mean arrival times (DL1) to standard, uncompressed FITS, use:

$ java -jar <jar> examples/save_dl1.xml -Dinfile=file:<datafile> -Ddrsfile=file:<drsfile> -Doutfile=file:<outputfile>