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Mutual Aid World. Providing ready made, constantly evolving software to meet the needs of local mutual aid projects.
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MutualAid.World is a project to help local organizers serve their communities by providing ready made, constantly evolving software that meet the needs of local mutual aid projects.

How does it work?

Think tinder, but for people who need help with odd projects/jobs that they might not be able to do themselves. Let’s say you need medication but can’t pick it up yourself - you can request help, and someone can help you get your medication.

Users earn reputation points so organizers allocate jobs correctly. We’re also focused on the needs of local community organizing groups and provide solutions to help them accomplish their mission.

How can I help?

We’re glad you asked!

First, visit and click on the links to join our Slack. Once you’re in, we’ll gather some basic info to help find a team that makes use of your unique skills and experiences.

Please also check out

Getting the hang of it? Feel free to suggest small fixes or big ideas. You can open a new issue right here in GitHub. (Anyone can do this).

If you can... download the repo, getting it running locally and start submitting Pull Requests. If that's not your call jump on the slack for more info about where you can help. We need help both big and small!

I’ve got some technical chops, what exactly can I help with?

Full stack, frontend, backend, DevOps, mobile development - are all welcome and very much in need. We’re also looking for developers with Data Science and Machine Learning experience. We especially need folks experienced with Ruby on Rails to beef up the backend API and folks who know their way around React to finesse the frontend. We have a working 'demo' app but more work is needed to get it online, connect payment capabilities, fix broken links, and do essential maintenance.

What if I’m not technical?

Not a coder? Not to worry! We need Project Managers, Scrum Masters, UI/UX designers, technical writers, translators and even legal staff; anyone willing to help can contribute.. There's also a whole data science team, but I guess we already mentioned them.

I’m a local community organizer. How do I get involved?

We need locally based organizers who want to use the app. So for everyone out there who has a big spreadsheet, ya'll are heroes. You embody the compassionate and creative human spirit.

We’re working hard to make your life a lot easier so you can move beyond spreadsheet maintenance and manual matching of needs to resources and turn your attention to other things that your community needs. We have some great ideas but we really want to build the app that solves the problems that you are actually having, so please join the many community organizers already on board and tell us what you need.

What does success look like?

  • Be helpful, on the ground, for real world organisers
  • Be easy for new developers to commit code quickly
  • Be easy to use
  • Be robust and scalable

No matter your role, your help is very much appreciated!

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