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FUEL: removing fuel-autodoc-eval-using-form-p, it's not a very useful…

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1 parent a1f9fca commit b099ec1e07f32e6c6f6c62a30ebd2af46d6aa18d @bjourne bjourne committed Jan 7, 2017
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  1. +0 −17 misc/fuel/fuel-autodoc.el
  2. +1 −2 misc/fuel/fuel-mode.el
@@ -31,23 +31,6 @@
:group 'fuel-autodoc
:type 'boolean)
-(defcustom fuel-autodoc-eval-using-form-p nil
- "When enabled, automatically load vocabularies in USING: form
-to display autodoc messages.
-In order to show autodoc messages for words in a Factor buffer,
-the used vocabularies must be loaded in the Factor image. Setting
-this variable to `t' will do that automatically for you,
-asynchronously. That means that you'll be able to move around
-while the vocabs are being loaded, but no other FUEL
-functionality will be available until loading finishes (and it
-may take a while). Thus, this functionality is disabled by
-default. You can force loading the vocabs in a Factor buffer
-USING: form with \\[fuel-load-usings]."
- :group 'fuel-autodoc
- :type 'boolean)
;;; Eldoc function:
@@ -123,8 +123,7 @@ buffer in case of errors."
(defun fuel-load-usings ()
"Loads all vocabularies in the current buffer's USING: from.
Useful to activate autodoc help messages in a vocabulary not yet
-loaded. See documentation for `fuel-autodoc-eval-using-form-p'
-for details."
(message "Loading all vocabularies in USING: form ...")
(let ((err (fuel-eval--retort-error

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