at and of, nth and ??? #1742

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bjourne commented Nov 7, 2016

Something I've felt missing for a while is something like of but for sequences. Often in your code, you have the element index last and the sequence itself second-to-last. For example, if you do something with an array and then want to pick the fifth element:

100 sample ... [ sq ] map ... 5 swap nth

So if you had something like ath (bad name!) you could write 5 ath and avoid the swap. Grepping through the code git grep -e "\bswap nth\b" shows that the swap nth idiom is very common.

mrjbq7 commented Nov 8, 2016

It does look like (in a cursory inspection) that something like 25% of nth uses are swap nth. It would be good to provide such a word, but also maybe we could imagine some other ways to fix the general problem of mis-ordered stack arguments.


I use swap member? all the time.

catb0t commented Nov 8, 2016

Just looking for uses of swap in my own code, it seems that all, with a few exceptions, are related to swap nth, swap member? and swap at, which is not surprising to me -- usually I take pleasure in reFactoring to not use dup, swap, etc and so I'm left with the unfortunate and forgettable argument ordering to nth and friends.

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