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WiP: NightMarket

A zero knowledge marketplace for Dark Forest coordinates. A 0xParc Learning Group project - work in progress.



Please read, some warnings:

⚠️ A (minimal) groth16 trusted setup ceremony has been carried out for NightMarket (NM) circuits. We recommend to use the associated generated keys. Do not skip yarn circom:app in order to use the application ready keys, found in trustedsetup/.

⚠️ On-chain verifiers have already been deployed. To check the currently deployed verifiers addresses: LIST_VERIFY_ADDR and SALE_VERIFY_ADDR in client/plugin/helpers/constants.ts.

⚠️ We use a factory contract for deploying a NM. Using this factory contract implies that each game can only have a single NM. To check the currently deployed factory address: NIGHTMARKET_FACTORY_ADDR in client/plugin/helpers/constants.ts.

  • Install: yarn install
  • Test circuits: yarn circom:test
  • Deploy circuits: yarn circom:prod
  • Replace keys with trusted setup generated ones: yarn circom:app
  • Compile contracts: yarn sol:compile
  • Test contracts: yarn sol:test
  • Deploy contracts:
    1. export XDAI_PRIVATEKEY
    2. If needed, deploy verifiers: yarn deploy:verifiers. This step can be skipped.
    3. If needed, deploy a nightmarket factory: yarn deploy:factory --lv LIST_VERIFIER_ADDRESS --sv SALE_VERIFIER_ADDRESS --network xdai. This step can be skipped.
    4. Deploy a nightmarket (can also be done from plugin view): yarn deploy:nightmarket --g GAME_ADDRESS --f NIGHTMARKET_FACTORY_ADDR --network xdai
    5. If you ran step 2 and/or 3, modify corresponding addresses in client/plugin/helpers/constants.ts.
  • Run plugin server: yarn app:dev
  • Deploy plugin: yarn app:build


  • /circuits/list: Circuits for generating a coordinate listing
  • /circuits/sale: Circuits for fulfilling a sale to buyer
  • /circuits/utils: Shared utility circuits
  • /circuits/test: Circuit unit tests
  • /client: Shared helpers and circuit files
  • /client/plugin: DF plugin, a 100% frontend implementation
  • /contracts: Contract and verifier code
  • /trustedsetup: Docs, vkeys and zkeys generated from groth16 trusted setup ceremony.


  • Sellers list any valid Dark Forest coordinates at a fixed price
  • Multiple buyers can purchase these coordinates
  • Sellers can attest their planet has certain biomes

Circuit Design


Prove: Seller has (x,y) coords, and sell a KEY used to encrypt it

  • hash(XY,PLANETHASH_KEY) ==> valid_coord // commit to a valid data/coordinate
  • ENCODE(XY, KEY) // encrypt data with key
  • hash(KEY) // commit to the secret key


Prove: Seller encrypted KEY with a SHARED_KEY from an (offline) ECDH key exchange with Buyer

  • SHAREDKEY <== ecdh(sellerPrivKey, buyerPubKey)
  • hash(KEY) // commit to the original key
  • hash(SHAREDKEY) // commit to the same shared key


Scheme: Encryption using a 5-wide Poseidon in SpongeWrap with (0, len=2, Kx ,Ky , N) as input.

  • List:
    • message[0] = planet x coordinate
    • message[1] = planet y coordinate
    • key[0] = left half of key being sold
    • key[1] = right half of key being sold
  • Sale:
    • message[0] = key[0]
    • message[1] = key[1]
    • key[0] = k_x of shared key
    • key[1] = k_y of shared key

Escrow Contract

  • list(..., listProof, price, escrowTime): sellers can list valid coordinates and vary price & escrowTime for better buyer UX. (Note: it prevents malicious-buyer race condition). Sellers can sell a single coordinate to multiple buyers.
  • delist(...): sellers can delist coordinates if they plan to be offline. This helps with seller reputation as this zk marketplace has to be interactive.
  • ask(...): buyers can create (duplicate) orders on listings and lock up a payment for escrowTime blocks.
  • sale(..., saleProof): sellers can close a sale and fulfill a buyer order.
  • refund(...): anyone can refund buyers deposit if seller delists or if the escrowTime lockup is over.


Implementation note: DF plugins are esbuild bundled then served as a single JS file, which is limiting given the current SNARKs/circom stack. So the following was done to make snarks possible, purely in browser.

  • NPM ffjavascript-browser shim (stub native Node deps like os stream)
  • Rolluped NPM snarkjs into a helpers/snarkjs.js (DF game currently has older version in /Public)
  • fullprove fetches an external raw.githubusercontent URL (plugin builders can't write files to server)


The circuits and smart contracts written for this marketplace has not been audited, use at your own risk.


Plugins are evaluated in the context of your game and can access all of your private information (including private key!). Plugins can dynamically load data, which can be switched out from under you!!! Use these plugins at your own risk.

You should not use any plugins that you haven't written yourself or by someone you trust completely. You or someone you trust should control the entire pipeline (such as imported dependencies) and should review plugins before you use them.



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