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A modern, responsive, roommate communication tool based on Material Design.
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The App

Roomi is a web-app to help out roomies! We've built features to help make your lives as roommates easier. What does Roomi do?

  • Splits the cost of groceries/bills amongst roommates, and saves the balence for you.
  • A to-do list, for those chores that need to be done and groceries that need to be bought
  • A message board for important things you want to share with each other

How do you use Roomi?

Simple enough. Just sign up and you'll get a Group # to share with your roommates. Get them to signup as well, and you're all set.

We hope you like it!

Made with love.

Dev stuff

Built in Meteor, with Angular-Meteor and Materialize.

Notes about meteor:

All angular partials should end in .ng.html to avoid conflicts with meteor templatng.

To run the server:

$ meteor

then navigate to http://localhost:3000 the database operates on http://localhost:3001

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