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Welcome to the wiki of the Factorio Item Browser project!


  • System Architecture - The general system architecture behind the Factorio Item Browser.
  • External Tools - How external tools can access the data of the Factorio Item Browser.
  • Data Api - The main API providing the data to items, recipes etc.
    • Data Format - The basic data format and what values are available through the Data API.
    • Auto Update - The conditions of when a combination is considered for the automatic updates.
  • Combination Api - The metadata API providing information about combination of mods.
  • Export - The export component, extracting all the data from the Factorio game.

External Documents:

  • OpenAPI specifications:
    • Combination API - The API managing the combinations on a meta level.
    • Data API - The main data providing API.
    • Portal API - Not meant to be used by others. This is only here for completeness.