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Auto Update

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The Data API regularly checks whether a known combination requires an update of its data, because for example one of its mods has a newer version. A combination must fulfil some conditions to be considered for the auto-update process.

Combinations triggered by the auto-update feature have a low priority. This means if a user requests a combination for their savegame through the website, that combination will be processed first, before processing further updates.

Update Conditions

If any of the following conditions cannot be met, the combination is excluded from the automatic update process.

  • Recently used: The combination has been used within the last 30 days, this means there was any request against the Data API within these days for this combination.
  • Used after latest update: The data of the combination must have been accessed at least once since the last update has happened. Otherwise, the combination gets ignored, assuming it won't be used any longer.
  • Not recently checked: To avoid checking the same combinations over and over again, they only get checked for updates once a day. If the last check is within 24 hours, the combination gets skipped for now.
  • Valid Combination: The combination must still be valid, i.e. all mandatory dependencies must be part of the combination. When mods update, the developers may add new mandatory dependencies to their mod. If this happens, the combination can no longer be updated, instead a new combination must be created which contains the new dependency. This validation also includes compatibility between the mods (no conflicts) as well as to the latest base mod. The validation happens against the Combination API and is therefore the same as when the combination gets initially added.
  • Actual mod updates: There must be at least one mod, which has a newer version than what is already available in the Data API, including the latest attempt of an update. If all mods have the same version, no update is attempted.
    If the base game receives an update, all combinations are considered to require an update.