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  1. factorish factorish Public

    Make any app act in a 12factorish manner

    Python 119 26

  2. proxy proxy Public

    lightweight nginx based load balancer self using service discovery provided by registrator.

    HTML 50 3

  3. factorish-elk factorish-elk Public

    Elasticsearch Logstash & Kibana in docker and configured by confd/etcd on CoreOS.

    Shell 16 2

  4. factorish-syslog factorish-syslog Public

    a tiny socat based syslog server

    Shell 6 3

  5. factorish-stackengine factorish-stackengine Public

    demo of stackengine using factorish framework

    Ruby 2

  6. factorish-dockerfiles factorish-dockerfiles Public

    Factorish Dockerfiles for various languages

    Python 1


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